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May-June 2018

When They Call You a Terrorist

Excerpted from new book by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele

Patrissa Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele

The next morning, which is really just hours later, we arrive at Monte’s county hospital room which is located in the prison wing. He is being guarded by two members of the Los Angeles Police Department. Before we enter the room they nonchalantly tell me pieces of my brother’s story: We thought he was on […] More »
September-October 2011

Does an RCMP-CSIS snitch line threaten our civil rights?

Jason TushinskiWebsite@chimcham49

Dear Progressive Detective: I heard police arrested a man at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto after receiving a tip from Canada’s Suspicious Incident Reporting System, which alleged the man intended to join a Somali terrorist group. I’m concerned: what is SIRS, and how might the Government’s security efforts affect my civil liberties and right […] More »
January-February 2010

Fiction: “Toupée” by Michelle Winters

Michelle Winters

I saw him on the subway for the first time the day I brought the meat bomb to work. He wore the most glorious toupée. It was the colour of a fox with the front curled under in a Prince Valiant thing that continued on around the sides and back of his head. It didn’t […] More »

Jane Creba shooting acquittals sting, but justice has been done

Nav PurewalWebsite

On Tuesday, the sixth and final remaining manslaughter charge in the Boxing Day shootings that killed 15-year-old Jane Creba and wounded several others in 2005 ended in acquittal. Two others, who actually fired weapons, had previously been convicted of second degree murder. G.C., whose full name is withheld because he was a minor at the […] More »

Queerly Canadian #19: Under siege in Italy

cate simpson

Several people were injured in Rome yesterday when two letter bombs were thrown into a gay neighbourhood bar. The attack wasn’t an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of escalating violence against gay people in Italy which some speculate has been fuelled by the election of Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno, a member of the […] More »

The Dawson Creek Bombings: Are the blasts succeeding?

Max FawcettWebsite

[Editor’s note: this series of blog posts on the bombings of natural gas wells in Northern B.C. is running over three days; part one was posted on Monday. Part two ran yesterday. This is the final part of the series.] The RCMP’s recent decision to raise the temperature in this region by officially describing the […] More »

The Dawson Creek Bombings: Everyone's a suspect

Max FawcettWebsite

[Editor’s note: this series of blog posts on the bombings of natural gas wells in Northern B.C. is running over three days; part one was posted yesterday. Look for the conclusion tomorrow morning.] If the gas that was coming out the ground in Northern B.C.  smelled like rose petals, it might not be such a […] More »

The Dawson Creek Bombings: Eight months and no leads

Max FawcettWebsite

[Editor’s note: this series of blog posts on the bombings of natural gas wells in Northern B.C. will run over three days, starting today. Look for part two on Tuesday morning and the final part on Wednesday.] When I agreed to take a job as the editor of a small newspaper in Chetwynd, B.C., I […] More »
January-February 2009

Quebec duo ATSA turn terrorism into art

Tim McSorley

Québécois artists Pierre Allard and Annie Roy celebrate 10 years of artistic shock and awe Socially Acceptable Acts of Terrorism: that last word seems to just hang in the air. These days, not many organizations would choose to use the “T” word. But when Montreal’s public art duo ATSA (the group’s French acronym) first hit […] More »

Canadian anti-terror legislation could bankrupt PLO

laura kusisto

It was a great moment for the Conservatives’ law and order agenda, and a terrible one for justice. Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan recently announced new anti-terrorism legislation that would allow Canadian victims of terrorist attacks on both domestic and foreign soil to sue individual terrorists, terrorist organizations, or even countries accused of supporting […] More »

EcoChamber #5: The "Green Scare"

emily hunter

An activist in Goteborg, Sweden was attacked this week for his efforts at crippling the fur industry in Sweden. Some of the furs he targeted in his actions were seal furs from Canada. Branded an “eco-terrorist,” his opponents say he is threatening jobs and the economy. But when the “eco-terrorists” are the ones actually being […] More »