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Piracy off the coast of Somali has become an issue since the hijacking of the Saudi Arabian oil-tanker, the Sirius Star, on November 15. Carrying a $110-million cargo of crude oil (enough to supply the New England region of the U.S. with fuel for 10 days), this is the most recent event in a string […] More »

Soldiers and terrorists atwitter

This Magazine Staff

The global War on Terror has a new front: Twitter! The American military has now taken up the idea of tracking the Twitter accounts of terrorists in the hopes they can intercept their moves and whereabouts. Of course, this tactic could just as easily backfire, proving to be counter-productive and a great waste of time. […] More »

The torture of three Muslim-Canadians

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The news has come out that Canadian officials indirectly contributed to the arrests and torture of three Muslim-Canadians. This revalation followed an inquiry by retired Supreme Court Judge, Frank Iacobucci into the separate, but thematically linked, cases of Ahmad El Maati, Muayyed Nureddin and Abdullah Almalki. The RCMP, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and the department […] More »

Free Alan Johnston, Toronto journalists say

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On Thursday afternoon, I attended a rally outside the CBC building in Toronto in support of the BBC’s Gaza correspondent, Alan Johnston, who has been held by a militant group in the region since they abducted him some 62 days ago. A few CBC personalities and other journalists said a few words each to the […] More »

Guerilla Marketing and Boston Common Sense

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The cult cartoon tv series “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” had a bit of recent trouble with their latest promotional campaign. But only in Boston. After attaching the 1 foot tall promotional blinking lite-brite displays throughout 10 major US cities, including post 9-11 New York City, almost 2-3 weeks prior, no municipality was flustered except Boston. […] More »

battle for hearts and minds update

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In a story today on the very terrifying liquid explosive terror plot, The New York Times talks to Simon Reeve, author of a 1999 book on Osama bin Laden. Mr. Reeve said that while traveling recently in Indonesia he heard of many baby boys being named Osama in honor of Mr. bin Laden. In part […] More »

What if they’re innocent?

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Yesterday’s arrests of terrorists—whoops, alleged terrorists—in a foiled bomb plot is the latest piece of evidence that police and intelligence officials are totally infallable in the eyes of the commercial media. I’m not saying there was no plan to blow up several planes over the Atlantic, but what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Doesn’t […] More »

Stunning 9/11 photos you’ve never seen

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Before Bill Biggart was killed by the collapse of the second World Trade Center tower, he was able to take some amazing photos of the chaos at the disaster site and the destruction caused by the first tower’s collapse. Biggart, a New York photographer working for a picture agency, did not survive, but incredibly the […] More »

War is not the answer

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I find myself completely appalled by today’s front-page column by George Jonas in the National Post. Normally I try not to let Post columnists provoke me into posting about them, since it just draws attention to their views. But in this case… Jonas is an apologist for the Israeli military, and practically the first words […] More »


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I must admit, I was caught off-guard by this weekend’s “terror-takedowns” in Toronto. Despite all of the terrorism fear mongering these past few years, I’ve been of the (apparently naive) mindset that Canada wouldn’t be a target. The Toronto Star and CBC’s The Current have had some good coverage exploring what prompted seemingly normal, happy, […] More »
September-October 2004

Crossing the line

Bill Reynolds

Three years after September 11, has it finally become acceptable to make outrageous statements again? How patriotism stifled freedom of speech More »