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Tuesday Tracks

Tuesday Tracks! Forest City Lovers, Rebekah Higgs, Jeremy Fisher

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And we’re back. After an extended holiday break, we’re very excited to bring Tuesday Tracks back for 2011. But before we head into the New Year, I just wanted to do a little housekeeping and pay some attention to a few of the truly great releases of the past year. We’re not going to get […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Christmas Miracle edition: Los Campesinos, Moka Only, Parlovr

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[Tuesday Tracks will be taking a little holiday break and will return, grinch-free, in January –Ed.] So last week I hinted at the impending holiday season, but as each day passes it becomes more and more difficult to avoid the Christmas standards. I suppose it’s a little grinchy of me to even try to avoid […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Lovely Killbots, Sex with Strangers, Chromeo

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Well, it’s officially December and with all the snow flying around lately it’s become pretty difficult to deny any longer that we’ve entered the dreaded holiday season. So in that spirit of giving, I got you guys something. But don’t worry, I know you’re being inundated with Christmas muzak right now as it echoes through […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Born Ruffians, Shad & Dallas Green, Arcade Fire

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This week Tuesday Tracks is excited to bring you four, not just three, of Canada’s preeminent music makers on three excellent tracks. That’s right, we’ve compressed the artists for maximum efficiency. We’re got two brand new videos and a really great collaboration to share. First up, the Born Ruffians are at it again. This time […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Russian Futurists, Boxer The Horse, Hollerado

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It’s Tuesday, and that means another offering of great Canadian music. This week on Tuesday Tracks we spend some time in Ontario before heading East and then returning again. So let’s get right to it: this week’s trio of tunes are the kind that get stuck in your head and leave your toes tapping long […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Rich Aucoin, Entire Cities, dd/mm/yyyy

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It’s Tuesday, and that means another trio of newish Canadian music to be entertained by. This week we have a couple of pretty far-out videos to take a look at, as well as some brand new material from—as far as I’m concerned—one of the country’s most overlooked bands. But enough small talk. Let’s get to […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Steven Page, Dinosaur Bones, Memoryhouse

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Autumn, with its cooling air and falling leaves, always brings on feelings of change for me. I remember as a kid, the start of a new school year was your annual opportunity for reinvention, to become a new, better, person. It was tricky though—you couldn’t change so much that people would notice, but just enough […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! '90s Halifax Nostalgia edition—Thrush Hermit, Jale, Eric's Trip

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Last week all eyes in independent music were on Halifax for their annual Pop Explosion. Since 1993, the event has been showcasing the amazing music of the East Coast music scene and beyond, and since I can’t get through a conversation about the city without getting a little nostalgic for the ’90s, when it was […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Parlovr, PS I Love You, Chilly Gonzales

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After a brief sabbatical, Tuesday Tracks returns this week with three songs coming straight off of three great albums. And I mean it—I could have pulled any or the tracks from any of these albums and they wouldn’t disappoint. An impressive feat, especially today when the industry has moved to focus on singles. Not that […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Polaris Prize Aftermath Edition: Karkwa, Tegan & Sara, Owen Pallett

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Last night was the gala for the fifth annual Polaris Prize, Canada’s “increasingly distinguished” music award that shuns commercial success in favour artistic merit. This year’s winner is — surprise! — Karkwa, a band that few predicted in advance. But really, no one should be surprised. The Polaris Grand Jury likes to pull their choices out […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Black Mountain, Caribou, Bad Tits

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This week’s installment of Tuesday Tracks brings a selection surreal music videos, none of which would have a chance getting a nod from the VMAs, but all of which skew the world they create just enough to make them interesting. A great music video need not be a big production. Simplicity is key: it should be […] More »