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Tuesday Tracks! Russian Futurists, Boxer The Horse, Hollerado

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Boxer the Horse

Boxer the Horse

It’s Tuesday, and that means another offering of great Canadian music. This week on Tuesday Tracks we spend some time in Ontario before heading East and then returning again. So let’s get right to it: this week’s trio of tunes are the kind that get stuck in your head and leave your toes tapping long after they’ve finished. Here they are.

Cover of the Russian Futurists' new album, "The Weight's on the Wheels"

Cover of the Russian Futurists' new album, "The Weight's on the Wheels"

First up today are the Russian Futurists and the first single from their latest album The Weight’s on the Wheels. That single — “Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds” — is a natural extension of their previous work. For the uninitiated, Futurist mastermind Matthew Hart specializes in producing the kind of glitchy, indie-pop music you wish Postal Service was able to keep up with. It’s layered with an impossible amount of catchy and rhythmic blips and beeps that work as a bed over which Hart layers his impeccable vocals.

Our next band has the unique distinction of being the first act we’ve featured from Prince Edward Island. Boxer the Horse (named for the hardworking labourer in George Orwell’s Animal Farm) have the other great distinction of being the only band from PEI to be shortlisted for a Bucky Award over at CBC Radio 3. Their nominated song is featured here. Here’s “Mary Meets the Pilot”, on Halloween. Oh, and don’t forget to vote.

Finally, there’s Hollerado. In the notes for this video the band explain they wanted to make something “cheap and awesome.” The video for “Americanarama” is just that, a clever human animation that jerks along to the beat of their bluesy guitars and adds just the right amount of visual stimuli to keep a guy from the MTV generation entertained:

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