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Tuesday Tracks! Born Ruffians, Shad & Dallas Green, Arcade Fire

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Born Ruffians.

Born Ruffians.

This week Tuesday Tracks is excited to bring you four, not just three, of Canada’s preeminent music makers on three excellent tracks. That’s right, we’ve compressed the artists for maximum efficiency. We’re got two brand new videos and a really great collaboration to share.

First up, the Born Ruffians are at it again. This time with a brand new video for their song “Nova Leigh.” The video begins with quick cuts and silhouettes, giving the viewer only a glimpse of what’s going on. Then, the song really kicks in and we’re following a hooded man as he makes his way through the streets of an unnamed Canadian town (though it’s actually Peterborough, Ontario), he’s either running to, or away from something. Either way it seems important. See for yourself:

Next up we have an unlikely collaboration between two pretty substantial musicians. Shad is riding high off his Polaris nominated album TSOL and clearly has no intent on slowing down anytime soon while Dallas Green (Alexisonfire, City and Colour) is said to be in the studio right now, working on the next City and Colour record. In the meantime, they’ve leaked “Live Forever.” Both artists sound great here, here’s hoping for some future collaborations.

Finally, not only have Arcade Fire managed to release one the certifiably best records of the year. But they seem to have fashioned themeselves at the vanguard of multimedia as well. Their first video for their latest record The Suburbs, was an incredible interactive dose of nostaglia, making the viewer’s hometown the star of the show. Now, they’ve teamed up with Spike Jones in creating a short film for the album’s title track. Be warned though, it’s a bit of a downer:

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