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Tuesday Tracks! Forest City Lovers, Rebekah Higgs, Jeremy Fisher

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The Forest City Lovers

The Forest City Lovers

And we’re back. After an extended holiday break, we’re very excited to bring Tuesday Tracks back for 2011. But before we head into the New Year, I just wanted to do a little housekeeping and pay some attention to a few of the truly great releases of the past year.

We’re not going to get into a whole best of list or anything, that’s not really our thing. But still, it’s certainly worthwhile to revisit some great songs that might not have gotten the spotlight for one reason or another.

First off, we did touch on Forest City Lovers briefly this year, but since Carriage happened to be one of truly great albums of 2010, it seemed appropriate to say hello one more time. The album is an ambitious collection of playful songs that seem as though they begin in folk music and end up somewhere far more playful. It’s one of the few albums that managed to keep my attention throughout the year. Here’s “Tell Me, Cancer”:

Next is Rebekah Higgs. Back in November she did an amazing session with Southern Souls on Roncesvalles in Toronto. She placed herself in the middle of construction and played a couple of songs for the passers by. This song, “Little Voice,” came out especially well. It’s simple yet striking, just the kind of unexpected surprise to brighten up a walk home.

Finally there is Jeremy Fisher, a talented musician I’m ashamed to say I was unaware of until this creative little video found its way to my web browser. It could easily be mistaken for an iPod/iPhone advertisement and to be honest, Apple should probably just cut Mr. Fisher a cheque and make it official because “Shine a Light” is one of those songs that works its way into your head and makes itself at home.

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