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Tuesday Tracks! Rich Aucoin, Entire Cities, dd/mm/yyyy

luke champion

It’s Tuesday, and that means another trio of newish Canadian music to be entertained by. This week we have a couple of pretty far-out videos to take a look at, as well as some brand new material from—as far as I’m concerned—one of the country’s most overlooked bands. But enough small talk. Let’s get to the good stuff.

First up is Rich Aucoin, we’ve mentioned him before here on Tuesday Tracks. We’ve actually even mentioned this song before, but I really wanted to bring the video to everyone’s attention. If you happen to have a pair of those old red and blue 3D glasses on hand, today is the day you get to bust them out. Yes, YouTube has officially invaded the third dimension and Rich Aucoin is leading the parade. Check out his new video for “Push”:

Cover of Entire Cities' new albumNext we have Entire Cities. Again, we’ve mentioned them before, but that was in regard to their waaay overlooked 2008 album Deep River. Well they’re back with a new collection of songs and they’re still impossible to pinpoint. They’re a little bluegrass, a little indie rock, but something totally separate from the two. The new record, I Hope You Never Come Home, is out December 7th on Easy Tiger Records. Here’s “A Coat of Loup-Garou”:

Finally, another weird and wonderful music video from the weird and wonderful dd/mm/yyyy. The band seem to have gotten their hands on the alien technology used by the Predator to camouflage himself against Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jessie Ventura. Lucky for dd/mm/yyyy both men have left the bounty hunting game to become failed politicians. Here’s “I’m Still In The Wall”:

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