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Tuesday Tracks! Lovely Killbots, Sex with Strangers, Chromeo

luke champion

The Lovely KillbotsWell, it’s officially December and with all the snow flying around lately it’s become pretty difficult to deny any longer that we’ve entered the dreaded holiday season. So in that spirit of giving, I got you guys something. But don’t worry, I know you’re being inundated with Christmas muzak right now as it echoes through mall speakers and storefronts. So this week’s episode of Tuesday Tracks stays away from traditional holiday cheer. Instead, I got you a trio of videos that are alternately adorable and pervy—but always fun.

First is Lovely Killbots who are without a doubt, the “adorable” side of this week’s equation. The video is a stop motion Romeo and Juliet for the robot age. The song itself provides a poignant narrative to the doomed robot lovers who only really need each other:

Next we have Sex with Strangers, a brilliant and prolific disco house group from Vancouver. In less than three years the group have put out three albums and are already prepping their fourth. The incredible thing is the level of quality they’ve maintained. Here’s “We Want the Fire” off their latest album The Tokyo Steel.

Finally, there’s Chromeo with their new video “Hot Mess.” As one might expect, the song is littered with innuendo and tongue-in-cheek humour. The video follows the duo as two bumbling police officers told to hit the showers after doing something to upset a superior officer.

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