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Tuesday Tracks

Tuesday Tracks! Return to Rock edition: "Lose Your Head" by Teenage Kicks

luke champion

Teenage Kicks represent a wonderful shift in popular music that’s been happening over the past year—a return to rock ‘n’ roll. Now, I’m not complaining about, nor am I apologizing for, all the non-rock music of recent memory. I’ve loved much of it, but it’s been a while since swagger and guitar solos have been […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Name Change Edition: "Get In Or Get Out" by Matters

luke champion

I realize I’m about two weeks late in mentioning this, but: Hey everyone, have you heard Matters?! If you haven’t, you might have heard them under their old moniker The D’Urbervilles, or maybe as front man John O’Regan’s one-man band Diamond Rings. Or maybe it’s all new to you—in which case, lucky you. Regardless, it’s good […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Juno Legend edition: "Hitchhiker" by Neil Young

luke champion

Neil Young has been making records for a long time. The sheer length of his career is a feat in itself, but more impressive than just the fact that he’s been making records for roughly 45 years is that he’s managed to stay dedicated, committed, and inspired for that entire time. Since the mid 60s […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Diamond in the rough edition: "Someday" by Basia Bulat (Strokes cover)

luke champion

With all the music and mp3’s swirling around the airwaves and the internet, it’s damn near impossible to hear it all. Even when pared down to the slightly less mindboggling “Can-con only” regime as we do here at Tuesday Tracks, there’s still much too much to give everything a chance. That’s why sometimes you just […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Forever Young edition: “Be True To Your School (Till You Get Kicked Out)” by The White Wires

luke champion

Chances are, even if you did happen to be in Toronto last week for Canadian Music Week, you still probably missed the opportunity to see Ottawa’s The White Wires. Their lone set, at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night, made them an easy act to miss. It’s unfortunate, because The White Wires are a gritty […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Extra-pleasant edition: Hooded Fang's "Laughing"

luke champion

Hooded Fang has long been a favourite here at Tuesday Tracks, not because one of its members — Nick Hune-Brown — used to be an editor here at This Magazine (I’ve never met him), but because their music is just some of the most enjoyable ear candy one can find this side of virtually anywhere. […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Deep Freeze edition: The Luyas' "Cold Canada"

luke champion

In this country we love to talk about the weather. It’s like this guaranteed source of small talk, a go-to topic for filling the gaps in a conversation.  It’s the thing we all have in common, because we all experience it. Whether it’s the unnaturally mild weather of last week, the intense snowfalls we’ve seen, […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Irony-free edition: Young Galaxy — "We Have Everything"

luke champion

In the front of Camille De Toledo’s essay Coming of Age at the End of History, the author includes a paragraph before his argument begins, that reads: How long do we have to go on apologizing for being romantics? Why not stop right now? Here. Boom! All of a sudden. Let us make the desert […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Fragile fauna edition: Braids — "Glass Deers"

luke champion

This week on Tuesday Tracks we head to Montreal for one of the city’s most talked-about new bands. Braids arrived in la belle provence by way of Calgary and—thanks to their incredible live shows—quickly began to develop a following. Now, with the release of their debut album Native Speaker those of us who have missed […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Reboot edition: Mother Mother — The Stand

luke champion

[Starting this week we’re trying something a little new with Tuesday Tracks. Rather than highlight three songs every week we’re going to try and simplify things and talk about one—but hopefully do it a lot more justice than we have been. The problem with showcasing three songs every week is that it’s really difficult to […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Destroyer, Little Scream, Tanya Davis

luke champion

This week’s edition of Tuesday Tracks features words a little more prominently than normal. Each of these unique artists pays particular attention to language with varying levels of musical accompaniment. We’ve tended to focus a lot on bands here, which is fine—bands are great. But just for kicks, here’s a handful of solo artists with […] More »