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July-August 2019

Deciding Factors

The decision of whether or not to bring children into the world is always complex. Here, identity, ancestry, age, capitalism and climate change are all part of the considerations.

Thirza Cuthand

Being a Plains Cree non-binary lesbian with a non- functioning uterus makes baby-making hard. And the looming pressure of total environmental and climate collapse has made a lot of my friends choose not to have children at all. Is it selfish to bring a child into the world as it stands now? And can I […] More »
May-June 2019

A Thank-You Note to the Strangers Who Cared

Crowdfunders come together to support a church's inclusive messages

Alexa Gilmour

Dear Anonymous Crowdfunders, Until the sign vanished from our front lawn last May, I use to have “spiritual exercises of the week” there, which some of you saw on your daily commute—timely calls to action, such as: “Black History is our history. Take time to learn a new story”; or “Hold someone who grieves this […] More »
May-June 2019

Tinder is Messing With My Mental Health

This doesn't feel like romance at all

Rebecca Tucker

SUNDAY, 8:01 P.M. For five days, I revisited—with rapidly increasing frequency— the WhatsApp “last-seen” status of a man I’d met on an online-dating app. I had taken note of it at first because it was, as timestamps go, significant: Sunday, 8:01 p.m. was the exact time our most recent date had begun. At first, I […] More »

Pitch to our upcoming Election Issue!

Ideas about the upcoming election? Tell us what you've got.

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

We’re looking for pitches for our upcoming Election Issue, out this September/October. We’re looking for ideas that are unique, under-covered, and provide new perspectives. Regional representation will be considered. We’re looking for writers, both emerging and established, based anywhere in Canada. Think your idea about the upcoming election is This material? Send pitches to Tara-Michelle […] More »
March-April 2019

Surreal Life

Insta-learning, Nunavut-style

Allyson Aritcheta

Darth Vader sports blue shades and a red floral shirt as he poses in front of a coconut tree in the Instagram square. In the caption beside the Dark Lord are the words: “Qikaqtuq / He or she stays home, is off work, staying still or on holiday” Inuktitut Ilinniaqta is an online Inuktitut language-learning […] More »

State of the Art

Canadian art is about so much more than documenting our picturesque landscapes. Artists Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Sandra Rechico, and Susan Fiendel say home is where the mind is.

RM VaughanWebsite@rm_vaughan

One of the crumbliest of the many old chestnuts rotting away in Canadian art discourse is that all Canadian art is ultimately about the landscape that surrounds us. This is of course true (that’s how antique ideas last) and also very much not true, especially in an era when the digital presence of art and […] More »
January-February 2019

We need to stop pretending there’s no Islamophobia crisis in Canada

How do Canadians view themselves through the lens of national massacres?

Brigitte Pawliw-Fry

  ON A COLD NIGHT IN DECEMBER 1989, Rachel, a first-year student at McGill University, was sitting in the emergency room with a friend suffering from a migraine. About an hour after they first arrived, paramedics began rushing women on stretchers through the ER. Rachel’s first response was confusion: She couldn’t understand why so many […] More »
January-February 2019

Gene machine

I spit in a tube and uncovered secrets about my family long held under wraps by the government. My case for consumer DNA kits

Adam Elliott Segal

Illustration by CSA Images IN THE WINTER OF 2018, like millions of others across the world, I ordered a DNA test. For $99, promised me a look into my family roots, using just my saliva. The kit arrived in Toronto late last winter from Utah, Ancestry’s home base. I took the collection tube out […] More »

Editor’s note: On paying sources

It's long been seen as an unethical practice. Perhaps it's time to reconsider

Erica Lenti

Journalism ethics handbooks have, for decades, pedalled the same line of thought: Reporters and their sources should never exchange money. Paying sources is, as John Cook described in a piece on the matter for the Columbia Journalism Review, akin to paying for sex; it’s morally ambiguous, depending on who’s asking. It’s often easier to err […] More »

Best of This Magazine 2017

The stories our readers loved most this year

This Magazine@thismagazine

2017 has been an exciting year for This. In both our six annual issues and online, we’ve covered municipal, provincial, and federal politics, health care, activism, Canada’s sesquicentennial, new must-see art and artists, and more. As the year wraps up, we’ve compiled our top-performing stories from 2017—the pieces that resonated with readers most, that generated the […] More »

Join us at our panel event: Trudeau Two Years In!

Come out on October 11 to talk Trudeau, politics, and more!

This Magazine

Great news for our Toronto readers: We’re hosting a panel event to celebrate the launch of our September/October issue, and we want you to come! Justin Trudeau has reached the midway point of his term as prime minister. Join This Magazine and our panelists Ashley Csanady, Supriya Dwivedi and Kyle Edwards as we look at […] More »