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Lisa Whittington-Hill

1. This Magazine gives you a genuinely fresh take on Canadian politics, ideas, culture and arts. 2. This Magazine was recently named Small Magazine of the Year—FOR THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW—by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors. 3. Every issue of This Magazine is full of the facts you need to fight back. […] More »

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Lisa Whittington-Hill

Support independent media! This Magazine wants to sell 100 subscriptions by Friday. Visit right now to subscribe to Canada’s best progressive magazine of politics, culture, arts and ideas. Just like the extremely wordy characters on Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” This Magazine believes in real journalism and not all that lazy, celebrity-obsessed, Fox-lite “news.” Please […] More »

Rolling Stone’s summer douche bag issue now on newsstands!

Lisa Whittington-Hill

Oh god, not this joker again. These are the first words that enter my head when I see the new issue of Rolling Stone on the newsstand. The cover features a haggard Charlie Sheen. He looks like a cross between a chain-smoking bobble head and a contestant vying for first place in a Keith Richards […] More »

Take that, holograms!

Lisa Whittington-Hill

Wondering how best to pay tribute to a musician who recently died? Just say no to holograms—please I beg of you—and instead enlist some adorable children to help you with your tribute. That’s what Portland filmmaker James Winters did. Winters got his kids and nephew to reenact the Beastie Boys 1994 video for “Sabotage” (directed […] More »

On taking a pop culture time out

Lisa Whittington-Hill

A couple of weeks ago, I came home to my worst nightmare. I turned on my television and nothing happened. No picture, no noise, not even some static or a TV test pattern. I was overcome with fear. No Chuck Bass. No feeling better about my evening wine consumption via the drunks on Intervention. No […] More »