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July-August 2014

Histrionicus, histrionicus

Sina Queyras

1. What on earth did she want from him? From them? Approval? She was embarrassed by how little she knew, or would own, of her own motivations. She was also too hot in her heavy wool coat, and damp, wet really, hair like feathers stuck to her brow. Add frustrated to the list. After a […] More »
November-December 2012

3rd place creative non-fiction: State Controlled Paprika

Rita Bozi

“State controlled paprika.” I’m having a sarcastic moment with a tin, the colour of robin’s egg blue. I’m enamoured with this rectangular container, its edges rounded, its paint worn and its body slightly dented. I clutch the tin and feel something unexplainable. Under its smooth folk art exterior, outside of its practicality, and under its […] More »
November-December 2012

3rd place fiction: Man, Woman and Child

Shawn Syms

Kate liked to flirt with the letter carrier even though she suspected he was gay. She appreciated a challenge, craved variety. His portly build and short stature reminded her of Al Waxman from King of Kensington, only the new mailman was terminally shy. His trim beard and baby face conjured Maher Arar’s chubby younger brother. […] More »

Five questions for Leslie Vryenhoek

Kyle Dupont

Leslie Vryenhoek is a writer, poet and communication consultant based out of Newfoundland. Her work has appeared in various Canadian and international publications. Leslie has received numerous awards for her poetry, fiction and memoirs including the Winston-Collins Descant Best Canadian Poem 2010 prize, two provincial Arts and Letters Awards, the Eden Mills Festival Literary Competition and the Dalton […] More »

This Magazine Presents: The Craft and Business of Writing Workshop

Lisa Whittington-Hill

Writing is no easy gig. Anyone who’s ever put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) knows the list of roadblocks can seem endless—and even apocalyptic. Sometimes we have great ideas, but can’t write a single sentence. Other times, the writer’s block on ideas can seem Grand Canyon-sized. How do people find time to write, […] More »

Five questions for Jennifer Lovegrove

Kyle Dupont

Jennifer Lovegrove is the author of two collections of poetry, I Should Have Never Fired the Sentinel (2005) and The Dagger Between Her Teeth (2002). Her work has been featured in a number of Canadian publications including Taddle Creek, The Fiddlehead, Sub-Terrain and This Magazine. We recently sat down with the former Great Canadian Literary Hunt judge to […] More »

Five questions for Terence Young

Kyle Dupont

Terence Young was the poetry winner in our first ever Great Canadian Literary Hunt back in 1996. Since then, he has gone on to publish a number of boo,ks and poetry including The Island in Winter which was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry in 1999. Currently living in Victoria B.C., Young […] More »

Five questions for Sheila Heti

Kyle Dupont

Sheila Heti currently has five books to her name. Most recently, she released How Should A Person Be?: A Novel from Life in 2012. Last year, her novel  The Chairs Are Where the People Go, was selected by The New Yorker as one of its Best Books of 2011. Aside from writing novels, Heti works as the interviews editor […] More »
September-October 2004

Fiction: My Last Visit to Lester’s by Doug Melnyk

Doug Melnyk

I hadn’t been able to get hold of my regular dealer, a worldly earth-mother type I’d met through a friend of a friend. She was a grandmother, endlessly knowledgeable about all types of plants and flowers, and had no end of hilarious stories about chaotic rock concerts of the ’60s and other drug-culture fantasias, so […] More »
September-October 2004

Animal magnetism: Stuart Ross interviews Doug Melnyk

Stuart Ross

Interview with Doug Melnyk More »
July-August 2004

Stuart Ross interviews Jason Anderson on celebrity encounters

Stuart RossWebsite@MrRazovsky

Stuart Ross chats with Jason Anderson about celebrity encounters and giving up his Xbox for the love of writing More »