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September-October 2004

Why sex columnist Josey Vogels was too hot for Halifax

Sarah Fenn

Why Josey Vogels is too hot for Halifax

Canada’s medical schools accept funding from Big Tobacco, study finds

Jenn Hardy

You have to wonder what the staff at Canada’s medical schools are smoking. At least one quarter of the schools have accepted money from Big Tobacco to fund their operations, according to a study conducted by the University of Toronto’s Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health in May. Four […]

“Progressive Canadian Party” piggybacks on the PC Party’s name

Julia Williams

Despite Stephen Harper’s best intentions, the PC Party is far from dead—it’s alive and coveting the right-wing vote. In fact, in this past election, 16 candidates across the country battled Harper’s new Conservatives for Tory support under the PC Party banner. It was just like old times—sort of. Turns out, this PC is not like […]

Can I be interested in money and finance and still be a lefty?

Bruce GillespieWebsite


Read This: The best of the Canadian small press

This Staff

Like many of the contributors to Girls Who Bite Back, I grew up on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake. When it came to biting back, the only superheroes and ass-kicking role models I had were Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman and Charlie’s Angels (the small-screen version). Thankfully, things have […]

Hossein Derakhshan on how the internet has changed Iran

Andre Mayer

Hossein Derakhshan on how the internet has changed Iran

Why can Canada’s big-money magazines justify asking students to work for free?

Patricia D'Souza

I can sort of understand why bright young journalists are so eager to work as unpaid interns at progressive publications like This Magazine. After all, I volunteered my services as a copyeditor for a few years (while still working full-time) before joining the magazine as editor. So I appreciate the appeal of being part of […]

Updated elections fundraising rules are still full of loopholes

Aaron Freeman


Oral pleasure: Paul Dutton interviewed by Marisa Iacobucci

Marisa Iacobucci

When was the last time you read a work of fiction and every single word jumped off the page to slap and tickle you and you, well, liked it, and wanted more and more? Paul Dutton’s latest work, and first novel, Several Women Dancing (The Mercury Press) will do that to no end. I kid […]

Why Toronto should change its tattletale approach to social welfare for immigrants

Maria AmuchasteguiWebsite

Why Toronto should change its tattletale approach to social welfare

Fiction: My Last Visit to Lester’s by Doug Melnyk

Doug Melnyk

I hadn’t been able to get hold of my regular dealer, a worldly earth-mother type I’d met through a friend of a friend. She was a grandmother, endlessly knowledgeable about all types of plants and flowers, and had no end of hilarious stories about chaotic rock concerts of the ’60s and other drug-culture fantasias, so […]