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July-August 2004

Yankee Go Home!

Grant ShillingWebsite

The Americanization of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, is driving up land prices in this hippie hideout–and inspiring long-time residents to take matters into their own hands

War photography is hell

Brian Joseph DavisWebsite@joylandfiction

A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but a snapshot rarely tells the whole story

Red vinyl diaries

Tash Fryzuk

The Vertical Struts, named from a photo of the remaining stubs of one of the World Trade Center towers, are a two-man (Raymond Biesinger and Trevor Anderson), ’50s-style garage-rock combo from Edmonton. They are self-proclaimed throwbacks with songs about boys who love boys, boys who love girls and socialism. They recently released their first single—recorded in Edmonton by Veal’s Nik Kozub—solely on seven-inch vinyl.

That & That, July-August 2004

This Staff

A collection of smaller THIS & THAT articles from the July-August 2004 issue.

This Isn’t Summer Stock

Caitlin Fullerton

For the current and former mental health patients who make up the Workman Theatre Project, acting is a step toward healing—a way to take control of their minds and bodies

There Ain’t No Cure For The Summer Camp Blues

David LeachWebsite@LeachWriter

If you want a picture of camp, imagine a sneaker stamping on a human face–for a whole summer. How one middle-class kid not only survived the Orwellian experience of self-improvement camp, but lived to tell the tale

Book Reviews: Jack Layton, I Know You Are But What Am I?, Free Culture, Viral Suite

This Staff

IDEA MAN It always makes me wild with rage when the complexities of a federal election are idiotically reduced to a single issue for voters. The major parties, and the mainstream media, seem to assume that people have the attention span of three-year-olds. Then along comes Jack Layton’s Speaking Out: Ideas That Work for Canadians, […]

Frames of Reference

Andre Mayer@andremayer

Ho Che Anderson on a cartoonist's call to action

Plastic fantastic!

Annette BourdeauWebsite@abourdeau

Cosmetic enhancement for the common folk

We’re not in Dixie anymore, Bubba

David HayesWebsite@TimesRoman

MASCAR dads have become the swing vote in this fall's US presidential election. But to understand the man, you must first try to understand what drives him

This Boat Is My Boat

Drew Hayden TaylorWebsite

First they stole our land, then our methods of water transportation. Cultural appropriation aside, is it too much to ask that weekend warriors give the canoe and kayak some respect?