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Tuesday Tracks! Hot Hot Heat, Greg MacPherson, Shad

luke champion

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for your weekly dose of new Canadian music. This week we’re looking at new stuff by west coasters Hot Hot Heat, Manitoban Greg MacPherson and revisiting Shad, who might have just released the best record of the year with TSOL.


Back in 2002 Hot Hot Heat were king of the dancefloor. It seemed you couldn’t step into a club without hearing the energy of “Bandages” blaring out of the speakers. While the band has never quite managed to match the ubiquity of that first hit, they’ve never gone away either. Their latest, Future Breeds, is out today and to celebrate we’re going to take a look at their first single “21 @ 12.” The video is a little long and indulgent, but the song is solid and I love the Dylan-esque cadence in vocalist Steve Bays’ voice.

Mr. Invitation is the sixth release from Greg MacPherson. (A stunning output considering I’ve never, ever, heard of him before.) I’m always a little surprised to find a talented, successful and seasoned musician I’ve never heard of, like not once. How is that possible? I read blogs, go to shows, listen to the radio etc. Sorry, Greg. Nonetheless, I’m happy to have finally been introduced. Check out “Outside Edge” off the new record. You’re welcome.

TSOL, the latest release from Shad is continuing to gather steam, and for good reason. We featured his first single “Yaa I get it” a few weeks ago and while we generally try not to repeat ourselves here, the new video is just too good to pass up. Expertly timed and choreographed, it takes a pretty simple concept and executes it perfectly. Check out “Rose Garden”:

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