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Rich Aucoin

Tuesday Tracks! Rich Aucoin, Entire Cities, dd/mm/yyyy

luke champion

It’s Tuesday, and that means another trio of newish Canadian music to be entertained by. This week we have a couple of pretty far-out videos to take a look at, as well as some brand new material from—as far as I’m concerned—one of the country’s most overlooked bands. But enough small talk. Let’s get to […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Rich Aucoin, B.A. Johnston, Hey Rosetta!

luke champion

Summer festivals were once kingpins of the concert season, but in recent years their popularity has waned significantly. The recession has been blamed, and it certainly has had an effect, but the more likely cause for a drop in popularity has to do not with personal economics, but greed by the promoters. A great summer […] More »