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Illustration by Hanna Barczyk

Need not apply

Dave Hazzan

Each year, thousands of university graduates move to Korea to teach English. But why are so many of them white—and what does this say about racism here in Canada?

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Illustration Miki Sato

Good work

Hana Shafi

Millennials work hard to get their degrees—so why does everybody think they’re brats when they demand meaningful jobs? Hana Shafi deconstructs post-grad promises and the myth of entitlement

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Illustration by Matt Daley

What kind of citizen?

Joel Westheimer

Today’s test-focused, results-based education system discourages critical thinking and puts democracy at risk. Why it’s time to start teaching dissent

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Illustration by Katie Carey

In their shoes

Blair Mlotek

Nearly 20 years ago, Mary Gordon created a program to bring moms and babies into school classrooms. How empathy can create kinder kids, better adults, and a more equitable society

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Screenshot of video from a UBC graduate press conference held November 21.

Gender Block: Canadian universities and sexual violence

Hillary Di Menna

Why do universities have such a laid-back approach to sexual violence on campus? Plus, CBC's documentary School of Secrets

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Image from CBC's preview of this week's The Fifth Estate

Gender Block: UBC, sexual harassment, and cover-up culture

Hillary Di Menna

Why won't the University of British Columbia seriously investigate women's complaints of rape and sexual assault on campus?

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My invisibility cloak

Aeman Ansari

For years, Aeman Ansari’s body shame kept her clothed in oversized tracksuits

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The saviour syndrome

Nashwa Khan

When it comes to education, today’s social justice movement leaves behind the very people it’s trying to help. (Otherwise known as: Why I’m tired of your white guilt)

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Justin Trudeau

Gender Block: Trudeau time

Hillary Di Menna

Gender parity in the cabinet is great—but where does our new PM Justin Trudeau stand on other women's rights issues? Hillary Di Menna examines Trudeau's stance on childcare, women's shelters, abortion and more

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All photos courtesy Provincial Archives of Alberta

When the cure is worse

Gary Geddes

Canada’s so-called Indian hospitals were depressing places that segregated, abused and even experimented on aboriginal patients. Gary Geddes speaks to those who were there about their long and painful legacy

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Gender Block: election time

Hillary Di Menna

As Canada's federal election approaches, which party leaders are paying attention to women's issues?

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Tories in review: Immigration

Nathaniel Basen

And last in our Tories in Review series, Nathaniel Basen examines immigration policies, the closing of Canada's borders and the removal of basic rights

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Tories in review: aboriginal rights

This Magazine Staff

Ninth in our Tories in Review series, we look at Stephen Harper's track record on Aboriginal rights

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Tories in review: women’s rights

Hillary Di Menna

Gender Block columnist Hillary Di Menna investigates how women's rights & issues have fared under the Conservatives

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Tories in review: balanced budget

Nathaniel Basen

Deconstructing the myth of the balanced budget

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