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Signs of the Apocalypse

Correction to November-December 2009 issue

Graham F. Scott

Print readers of This, please take note: “After the Tigers,” which starts on page 28 of the November-December 2009 issue, and has been posted online today, is missing one crucial detail: the author’s name. Though writer Meena Nallainathan‘s name appears on the contributors page of the magazine, and her name is attached to the story […] More »

EcoChamber #19: World War Three is already here. It's called climate change

emily hunter

It’s as if we’re in a car that is blazing along. We are on cruise control as we hit a crossroads. We desperately need to make a turn. But instead of slowing down or making shifts in the wheel, we’re full-speed ahead. It’s a diverse group of us in the car but all we’re doing […] More »

How real estate became one big Ponzi scheme

Max FawcettWebsite

So much for that buyer’s market. After it appeared that the balance of power in the real estate relationship had finally swung back to the buyer after almost a decade in the seller’s favour, home prices in most major markets in Canada have resumed their seemingly inexorable climb. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, […] More »

Friday FTW: Fox "F%#kos" and GOP loons consume themselves, Jon Stewart watches

Graham F. Scott

If you missed the Daily Show this week, on Wednesday it offered a kind of condensed, sweetened version of the current political moment in the U.S., a methodical and droll demolition of the out-and-out insanity that has gripped the American right. In the segment—which, by the way, earns every ounce of smugness it exudes—the archives […] More »

Strategies for the coming apocalypse

This Magazine Staff

For more humour go here. More »

Decade-old McDonald's burger is an insult to food and farmers

This Magazine Staff

This picture of two McDonald’s hamburgers is making the rounds of the blogosphere, but it’s germane given Margaret Webb’s story in the current issue. She visited an organic, family-owned bison farm in Saskatchewan that has been driven out of business by shortsighted government policies. The Legault family, along with their herd of organic grass-fed bison, […] More »

the culture of catastrophe

This Magazine Staff

(image courtesy Rocks on Fire) Heading for a bar on Queen Street two nights ago, my friend and I caught sight of a streaking ball of flame flashing across the southwest sky. Lots of shouting and pointing later, we settled on the idea that we had just seen a meteorite of some kind. Very cool. […] More »

Colonizing Africa, one clitoris at a time

This Magazine Staff

The Raelians are in the news again. This time it’s because the alien-worshipping tribe is selling their $2.95 million compound in the Eastern Townships. Apparently their expansion plans include the U.S., so they’re packing up and leaving behind a prime piece of property, including a spaceship-shaped condo complex, and a replica of the UFO that […] More »

keep an eye on that coffin

This Magazine Staff

From The Guardian online: Thousands of mourners queued for hours yesterday to pay their last respects to the former Chilean General, Augusto Pinochet, who died of a heart attack on Sunday. Pinochet, who ruled Chile as military dictator from 1973-1990, was placed in an open coffin, wearing a blue Chilean army uniform and surrounded by […] More »

say what you want, God’s got some moves

This Magazine Staff

Almost lost in the media parade recently was this fascinating debate that Time Magazine arranged on the nagging minor question of the existence of God. They put preeminent Darwinist Richard Dawkins (author of the bestselling The God Delusion) together in their board room with preeminent geneticist (and devout Christian) Francis Collins. Collins is responsible for […] More »

Don’t worry, we’re doomed

This Magazine Staff

Two bits of pretty scary news in the past two days: 1. World hunger ‘intolerable,’ with scant progress in decade: UN 2. Slumping Flames fall to Capitals. Er, no. Scratch that. Global warming will devastate economy: report Not that any of us are necessarily that surprised, but the news hardly comes as a welcome reminder. […] More »