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keep an eye on that coffin

This Magazine Staff

From The Guardian online:
Thousands of mourners queued for hours yesterday to pay their last respects to the former Chilean General, Augusto Pinochet, who died of a heart attack on Sunday.
Pinochet, who ruled Chile as military dictator from 1973-1990, was placed in an open coffin, wearing a blue Chilean army uniform and surrounded by a military honour guard as a stream of admirers slowly passed by, some weeping.
The government refuses to give him a state funeral, there are riots in the streets of the capital celebrating his death, it’s accepted history that his rule was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Chilean citizens, he could not travel widely in his later years for fear of international prosecution, and still there are thousands of mourners.
I smell a broadway musical.
Pino! Pino! Pino!
oh, better… Gusto! Gusto! Gusto!

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