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Signs of the Apocalypse

Grunge Pays. Who Knew?

This Magazine Staff

So Forbes just released it’s annual list of the top earning dead celebrities (surely you’ve been craving such a list for a while now). The top spot went to Kurt Cobain. Fifty million dollars. Wow. He’ll surely be on the list again next year since his sober (ahem, cough, cough) widow sold 1/4 of the […] More »

Britney births second son, raises average Spears-Federline household IQ by 27%

This Magazine Staff

From the presses of the Globe and Mail article “Britney’s done it again” where the journalist kindly removed the word “Oops”. More »

welcome to my double espresso — the film festival approacheth

This Magazine Staff

Spotted in the Lettieri at Queen and Spadina in Toronto early this afternoon — Alice Cooper. Looking… very much in need of coffee. Outside on a nearby bistro, as though performing an homage, a young starlet in training tried to place her Paris Hiltonesque chihuahua on the patio railing, it fell off as soon as […] More »

Snakes on a — whaaaaa?

This Magazine Staff

9:40 a.m. The phone rings. Not being an early riser, I’m lying in bed listening to CBC Radio. I pick up and say, “Hello.” Naturally, it’s Samuel L. Jackson. He’s calling to tell me I might remember him from a few films, but that he really, really wants me to go see his new movie […] More »

the banality of gone-wildness

This Magazine Staff

Brave, chilling journalism from Claire Hoffman in the LA Times Magazine last weekend. She spends a day with Joe Francis, founder of the third-wave feminism challenging Girls Gone Wild video porn empire. The eternal fratboy, Francis’ ability to talk barely 18 year old girls into lifting their shirts for the camera has made him super-rich […] More »

Remember this story for when he runs for office…

This Magazine Staff

Funny, why haven’t we seen this article about John Bolton saying there is no moral equivalent between Lebanese civilian deaths and terrorism victims published anywhere but the independent media? More »

an evolutionary meander

This Magazine Staff

Perusing Andrew Potter’s blog can be such a fruitful exercise sometimes. This post from yesterday sent me off to the online Asia Times to read about New York Times writer Nicholas Wade’s book Before the Dawn, which, according to the Times “charts the recently compiled genetic evidence for the evolution and history of our species” […] More »

Vancouver UnReal Estate prices

This Magazine Staff

I was just in Vancouver the past week and happened to take a tour de-ville with a real estate friend of mine. She happened to inform me on the various prices of average homes and condominiums. Is it possible that tag team of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics combine with cottage industry grow-ops are inflating the […] More »