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I tried to kill myself. I survived. When Canada’s health care system failed me, I tried again, and again

Sarah Mann

What needs to change in our country's suicide crisis intervention system

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It’s time to stop cottaging on Indigenous land

Denise Hansen

Because the land we relax on—and take for granted—isn't our land

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ACTION SHOT: Protesting the Trans Mountain Pipeline extension

This Magazine

At the pipeline's construction site, on Burnaby Mountain

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“Each death is a preventable tragedy”

Alex Verman

Transgender women have long been subjected to violence in major cities. In Toronto, the reality is no different—and police have done little to stop it. These are their stories

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For Canadians with disabilities, accessibility is still a recurring issue

Susan Mockler

What still needs to change in even our biggest cities across the country

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What This Magazine contributors and alumni have been writing

This Magazine

A rundown of books, both forthcoming and recently released, by the This family

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Why won’t Justin Trudeau’s Liberals reinstate an effective prisoner rehabilitation program?

Will Pearson

LifeLine helped prisoners envision and prepare for life beyond bars

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A Seal Love Story (Sealed Fate)

Jen Neale

New short fiction by Jen Neale

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The obvious gender bias at play in the media’s coverage of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s deaths

Lisa Whittington-Hill

The two died by suicide just days apart, but the coverage of their deaths that followed was stark in its gendered differences

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When it comes to queer parenthood, it’s complicated

Ashleigh-Rae Thomas

Ashleigh-Rae Thomas knew she wanted to be a mother, but she wasn't sure how to do it. So, she turned to the LGBTQ community for answers

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REVIEW: Novel poses challenging questions about the soul and human mind

Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Inside Rabindranath Maharaj's Adjacentland

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Drag-inspired storytelling teaches diversity and kindness to Toronto kids

Celie Deagle

Inside John Paul Kane and Kaleb Robertson's queer spin on storytime

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Inside Ontario’s Cedar Centre, a space to care for those who have experienced childhood trauma

Sohini Bhattacharya

Executive director Alison Peck on the programs once considered one of Ontario's best-kept secrets for mental health care

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I Am Almost Ready to be Analyzed

Adam Sol

New poetry by Adam Sol

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Dear free speech warriors: Faith Goldy isn’t your martyr

Tyler Hellard

The far-right commentator is not a heretic—and we need to stop acting like she is

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REVIEW: David Chariandy’s new book speaks to the new perspectives and realities of growing up in Canada

Nadia L. Hohn

Inside I've Been Meaning to Tell You

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Ontario’s plan to sell weed may be tainted by the past of the Liquor Control Board

Gary Genosko

How the LCBO handled privacy with past alcohol sales could paint a picture of the future of legal cannabis sales

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The best and worst of Canadian happenings: July/August 2018

Sara Tatelman

In this edition: queer adult summer camp, lack of supports for veterans, and more

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REVIEW: In Elizabeth Renzetti’s new book on female experiences, the personal is political

Jessica Rose

Inside Shrewed

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REVIEW: New book explores the unlikely success of an Alberta union

Jessica Rose

Inside Jason Foster's Defying Expectations

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REVIEW: This Will Be Good paints a vivid portrait of growing into womanhood

Jemicah Colleen Marasigan

Inside Mallory Tater's new book on burgeoning femininity

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