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The grunge music scene has a serious problem with sexism

Lisa Whittington-Hill

While Kurt Cobain steals the media spotlight this April, the month of his death anniversary, you'd be hard pressed to find any news about comparable female acts

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What it means to be a Canadian living without ID

Megan Marrelli

Dan McLaughlin lived 15 years without government identification—and thousands of others just like him exist across the country

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Want to be part of Toronto’s art scene? New monthly event encourages emerging artists to join in

Allyson Aritcheta

The Slackline Creative Arts Series creates a welcoming environment for newbies

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Halifax exhibit explores the politics of sound

Madi Haslam

Sound Etiquette is open until April 24

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Thousands of Canadian women are dismissed by their doctors—because of their gender

Talia Wooldridge

Lisa Benshabat was told by doctors that things were "all in her head" when she was unwell. Then she took her life. Why women are routinely silenced by medical professionals

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This new initiative out of Newfoundland could make navigating frozen waters safer for Canadians

Sohini Bhattacharya

SmartIce, a project between the Inuit community, the Nunatsiavut government, and Memorial University, uses high-tech sensors to monitor and track changes in sea ice

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This Magazine nominated for three National Magazine Awards

Erica Lenti

While we’re still hard at work putting together a magazine that holds powers to account, makes you think, and introduces you to some amazing Canadians, we thought we’d take a brief moment to toot our own horn and celebrate our amazing contributors. We are incredibly thrilled to let you know that This has been nominated for three […]
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Why aren’t there more changing tables in men’s public washrooms across Canada?

Blair Mlotek

Our country is even lagging behind the U.S.

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REVIEW: New CanLit is “an ode to books”

Jemicah Colleen Marasigan

Inside Dominique Fortier's The Island of Books

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REVIEW: A look at everyday life across Canada in this new short story collection

Sharon Kashani

Barrelling Forward is Newfoundland writer Eva Crocker's debut

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COMIC: What it’s like to fight sexual violence in Canada

Hana Shafi

"I'll take my chances"

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This Hamilton, Ont. doctor is spearheading a unique blend of Western medicine and traditional Indigenous healing

Laura Eley

Meet Samantha Boshart, our March/April 2017 all-star

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Bad Detectives

Liz Harmer

Short story by Liz Harmer

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REVIEW: New novel explores survivors’ realities in the Second World War

Pema Tsering

The Water Beetles was inspired by author Michael Kaan's own family history

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Two poems by Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

From her third book, Whatever, Iceberg

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Canadians should care about nuclear contamination in the Great Lakes

Andrew Reeves

What you should know about its ecological and health effects

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How traditional Greenlandic mask dance has helped an Inuit performance artist tell her stories

Beatrice Paez

Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory is known for appearances in Tanya Tagaq's videos and her own body-positive performances

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