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Hand Holding Test Tube

Gene machine

Adam Elliott Segal

I spit in a tube and uncovered secrets about my family long held under wraps by the government. My case for consumer DNA kits

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I grew up in the age of VCR recordings and pay-per-view. Now, I’m raising my son in the streaming era.

Anne Thériault

Anne Thériault on what she's learned from Netflix, iPads, and her seven-year-old

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Tout le monde en parle has gripped Quebec viewers for nearly 15 years. Why can’t it reach the rest of Canada?

Sara Black McCulloch

Sara Black McCulloch unpacks the talk show Franco Quebecers can't stop watching

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Inside the battle for taxpayer-funded multicultural television

Aadil Brar

The Canadian government wants TV to look as diverse as our country—but producers just want to make a quick buck

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Why did a young mother die in an alley after she was admitted to hospital? Her family says it’s because she was Indigenous

Ryan Thorpe

Windy Sinclair went to a Winnipeg ER. Three hours later, she went missing. Her body was found frozen in an alleyway three days after.

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Hundreds of Canadian adults still struggle to read and write—but you wouldn’t know it

Phylicia Davis

Inside the country’s invisible issue of adult literacy

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Online dating apps have a major problem with sexual harassment—but solutions must start offline

Teodora Pasca

There’s no doubt dating apps have a role to play in promoting safe romantic interactions. But sexual harassment and assault are social problems—and a culture shift is required if things are ever going to get better

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When it comes to new treatments for addiction that rely on medication, Canadians need to have an open mind

Tracy Giesz-Ramsay

Echoing failed policies of the drug war, calls for banning all pharmaceuticals are counter-productive and even dangerous

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This Magazine is hiring a new editor!

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Applications due December 14

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Canada has an oligopoly problem—and we need to fix it

Ishmael N. Daro

It's responsible for high phone bills, the Big Five banks, media concentration, and more

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Sea Change

Nadia Ragbar

Short fiction by Nadia Ragbar

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I gave up television for 35 years. Why I started watching again

Thelma Fayle

Writer Thelma Fayle jumps back into the world of TV and finds value in the medium that she never did before

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This B.C. First Nation is fighting for recognition in Trans Mountain Pipeline consultations

Amy van den Berg

The High Bar First Nation has largely been excluded thanks to geographical restrictions

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Indigenous arts are the real deal. How counterfeiting is destroying that

Prajakta Dhopade

New campaign aims to protect Indigenous crafts from mass-produced knock-offs in Canada’s gift shops

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Q&A: Paul Vermeersch talks self-fulfilling prophecies, science fiction, and his new poetry collection

RM Vaughan

RM Vaughan sits down with the poet to chat about Self Defence for the Brave and Happy

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Music criticism is changing its tune—and that’s a good thing

Drew Crocker

The music explainer is the new review, and it has the potential to improve our understanding of music criticism

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Valcin 1_Moment 6

New Toronto film project aims to preserve the pasts of Indigenous and visible minority communities

Emily Macrae

A look inside the Home Made Visible project

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Ibu Saudara Isteri

Tess Liem

New poetry by Tess Liem

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This Vancouver teacher turned her master’s thesis into a comic book

Valérie Frappier

She wanted to prove that graphic art can still be scholarly

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