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What should diversity in Canadian media look like?

Priya Ramanujam

Why legacy media needs to dismantle tokenism, pigeonholing, and the great glass ceiling

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How to hold Justin Trudeau to account

Adam Rasmi

The prime minister has wooed Canada’s fiercest journalist watchdogs into puppy love. Inside a new citizen-run website that promises to cut past mainstream media’s crush and hold the Liberal government to account

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Should unions still call workers “brothers” and “sisters”?

Nora Loreto

The titles adhere to a strict gender binary—and union activists are demanding change

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New app helps transgender Canadians access legal info

Laura Hensley

Built by a Toronto law school grad, JusticeTrans aims to help trans people overcome barriers to seeking legal counsel

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Are Canadians changing their approach to sex?

Kate Sloan

Why penetrative sex isn't all it's cracked up to be

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cherry blossom ballooning at upper frankonia bavaria germany

Why Maritimers are rallying against chemical forest sprays

Larkin Schmiedl

The chemical, glyphosate, is controversial for its propensity to cause cancer

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New collection of essays sheds light on LGBTQ health care in Canada

Emily Rivas

The Remedy uses first-person narratives to describe the country's state of queer and trans health care, making it accessible and informative

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Syrian refugees build community with cooking

Amanda Scriver

Behind the scenes at the Newcomer Kitchen and Karam Kitchen in Ontario

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Inside the Canadian government’s plans to help thousands of homeless veterans

Tyler Hooper

A 2015 study found nearly 2,250 veterans use emergency shelters on a regular basis

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Is Bill C-225 a stepping stone to restrict abortion rights in Canada?

Courtney Dickson

Behind the controversial bill that, if passed, could add charges to offences committed against pregnant individuals where the fetus is also harmed

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Inside the Chronicle Herald’s ongoing strike

Michaela Cavanagh

The now nine-month strike exposes media’s precarious labour landscape. In an industry rife with layoffs and low on jobs, how can unions protect news integrity, connect with young journalists, and keep everybody from crossing the picket line?

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Why B.C. needs more doctors trained in addictions medicine

Courtney Dickson

Even with a shortage of doctors in the province, understanding substance use is imperative

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The media organization Canada needs to understand Indigenous issues

Laura Eley

Rick Harp's mediaINDIGENA is a much-needed platform for an underserved population

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OPINION: Don’t let Jordan Peterson debate at the University of Toronto

Alex Abramovich and Lisa Couperthwaite

The campus debate, scheduled for November 19, puts the health and well-being of LGBTQ2S students at risk

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How a non-profit is supporting Toronto dancers with a safe space

Michaela Cavanagh

Launched in 2009, Love-in provides alternative training to professional dancers

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Post Ashes, Station I and II

Canisia Lubrin

Poetry by Canisia Lubrin

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