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Why can’t Canadians afford long-term sick leave?

Erica Mojzes

Erica Mojzes found herself in trouble when she needed to take time off work for an illness. She's not alone—and many Canadians are sick, tired, and struggling just to get by

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Is cryptocurrency our money of the future?

Mark Mann

Its mavens say it will get you rich quick. Others say it’s the way of the future. The reality of Bitcoin remains to be seen

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Medical cannabis users cannot afford the weed that’s keeping them healthy—and legalization won’t help

Kieran Delamont

These patients are among the country’s sickest, its poorest, its most opiated. But as the country lurches toward legalization, the patients who most rely on cannabis are still struggling to pay for it

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Aria Brain, from Vancouver, B.C. poses for a portrait at the Women's March. January 20, 2018 Jackie Dives/The Globe and Mail

ACTION SHOT: Women of all ages march in resistance in the streets of Vancouver

This Magazine

This January, Canadian women young and old protested one year after Donald Trump's inauguration

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Montreal group turns competitive skating into contemporary art

Allyson Aritcheta

Meet Le Patin Libre

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Taking stock of naloxone across Canada

Anwar Ali

We pinpoint the availability of the life-saving opioid antidote across the country

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What’s the true cost of clean drinking water for Canada’s First Nations?

Anwar Ali

The Indigenous water crisis, by the numbers

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What comes next for Canadians fighting to legalize drugs?

Susan Boyd

Excerpt of Susan Boyd's Busted: An Illustrated History of Drug Prohibition in Canada

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REVIEW: New novel explores the intersection of technology and desire

Jessica Rose

Inside Liz Harmer's The Amateurs

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Unpaid Editorial Intern

Yusuf Saadi

Poetry by Yusuf Saadi

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REVIEW: New book explores the feminist history of break-ups

Samantha Sobolewski

Inside Hard to Do by Kelli María Korducki

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Pursuing a career in journalism in the #MeToo era can be disheartening—but young women must keep going

Reut Cohen

A student journalist reflects on her experiences

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Why protesters are against an Indigenous confederacy’s deer harvest

Allyson Aritcheta

Understanding the Haudenosaunee deer hunt and its opposition

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South Asian women are finally receiving the representation they deserve in media

Prajakta Dhopade

Prajakta Dhopade on why now more than ever they're having their moment

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Swimming Upright

Kasia Juno van Schaik

New fiction by Kasia Juno van Schaik

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Indigiqueer storyteller Joshua Whitehead turns hope and frustration into literature

Justine Ponomareff

The artist, known for his captivating poetry, is now working on his debut novel

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REVIEW: New ‘lesbian supernatural thriller’ explores the realities of trauma and healing

Allyson Aritcheta

Inside Amber Dawn's Sodom Road Exit

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Meet Canada’s organ transplant advocate for those living with addiction

Carine Abouseif

After her husband died in 2010, Debra Selkirk made it her mission to help those deemed ineligible for transplants

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The best and worst of Canadian happenings: March/April 2018

Sara Tatelman

In this edition: transgender inmate rights, suicide in First Nations in Alberta, and more

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