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Canada is failing its Deaf artists

Adam Pottle

What we can learn from other countries about reducing barriers and improving access

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A brief history of Ontario’s First Nations Public Libraries

Feather Maracle

Ontario is the only province to officially include First Nations Public Libraries (FNPLs) in their public library system—here's how FNPLs came to be the force are

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Pitch to our fashion & beauty issue!

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Deadline is May 15, 2020

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Invisible labour and tangible risk

Nisa Malli

On working through a pandemic

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Perfuming my daughter

Nehal El-Hadi

The scent of sandalwood was a way to connect with my culture and home— I followed its roots to learn more

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Lacking representation

Rachna Raj Kaur

South Asian representation on screen is not as sparse as it once was; but what does representation mean if it isn’t any good?

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Fiction: Sticky Rice Cakes

Linda Trinh

I went over to the house the day after Ma told us her news. Vietnamese folk opera was playing in the background, familiar tales of love, betrayal, and misunderstandings. These lyrical tones and string instruments made up the soundtrack of my childhood. I pulled off my waterproof boots and hung up my puffy faux fur-lined […]
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Halifax’s Books Beyond Bars

Michal Stein

Supporting inmates through literature

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Why you hate cops but love Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Niko Stratis

You have to admit, the show has an unlikely following

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Self-care is a sham

JP Larocque

We need to place more value on community care

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Whose stories get archived?

Sharine Taylor

Toronto's Little Jamaica neighbourhood deserves to be part of public memory

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Dear She-Ra: an ode to activist organizing across generations

Megan Kinch

Dear She-Ra (Princess of Power), Glimmer, and Bow, Hi, She-Ra. I’m a long-time fan of your work, but this is my first time writing to you and the Best Friend Squad. There’s been a reboot on Netflix which seems laser-focused on my child-of-the-1980s demographic (the fact that I have a six-year-old daughter who also loves […]
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