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10 things every voter should care about this election, 1-5


Mainstream media only shows us a handful of issues, but federal leaders should be held accountable to much more

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Gwen Benaway

Waiting for Miracles: A post-op trans girl on sex and love

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A Host of Cells

S. Lesley Buxton

My daughter, India, died five years ago, when she was 16. Although she’s dead, her cells live on in a research laboratory at the University of Ottawa. I can’t bring myself to go there.

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Will Our Data Lead Us To The Virtual Afterlife?

Stacey McLeod

As Canadians live longer and amass more personal data than ever, we could be getting closer to living forever in bot form

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You Are In The Process Of Dying

Don Ayre

Last year I sat by my wife's side and held her hand as she died on the day of her choosing

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Dear Future Great-Grandchild… Forgive Us

Michael Polanyi

The world we'll leave behind won't be a pretty one

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We need to stop pretending there’s no Islamophobia crisis in Canada

Brigitte Pawliw-Fry

How do Canadians view themselves through the lens of national massacres?

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We’re here. We’re queer. Now what?

Amy van den Berg

For LGBTQ refugees, Canada is no land of unicorns and rainbows

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Gene machine

Adam Elliott Segal

I spit in a tube and uncovered secrets about my family long held under wraps by the government. My case for consumer DNA kits

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10 things every voter should care about this election, 6-10

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Mainstream media only shows us a handful of issues, but federal leaders should be held accountable to much more

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Why I don’t vote in colonial politics

Andrea Landry

Abstaining is both important and inherent to me; here's why

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Shake Up The Establishment

Talia Wooldridge

Helping voters become informed on climate change issues

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What happened to Justin Trudeau, the feminist?

Kaila Jefferd-Moore

After four years of the current PM's leadership, we look back on past promises and party lines

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Why the scandal around Justin Trudeau’s racist costume hits close to home

Nedda Sarshar

In fourth grade, I brought ghormeh sabzi to school that my grandmother had cooked the night before. It wasn’t long before my white deskmate leaned over to stare at my food, and after a moment of staring, scrunched up her face and pulled away. “That looks like diarrhea,” she declared to the whole class, and […]
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Politicians… they’re coming for you

David Moscrop

Dear Citizens, They’re coming for you. For your brains. You hear that and you think of George Romero. Dawn or Day or Night of the Living Dead. But this is worse. I’m not talking about zombies. I’m talking about politicians. Zombies will come for you and they’ll chew on you for a bit, but that’s […]
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Do Canadians care about ethical leadership?

Deborah Heslop

In the dirty game of politics, here's what people think about truth and transparency

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The New Nancy Drew

Emily Pohl-Weary

The girl detective Nancy has always been inspirational and questionable—until her newest incarnation

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Smoke Signals

andrea bennett

With increasingly frequent wildfires creating chaos in the US and Canada comes the need for communities to rebuild. A look into that process and what it means for the people and natural environment affected.

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Deciding Factors

Thirza Cuthand

The decision of whether or not to bring children into the world is always complex. Here, identity, ancestry, age, capitalism and climate change are all part of the considerations.

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jaye simpson

Nookaa starts her new job in seventeen minutes and still decides to take some time deciding what androgynous items of clothing to wear, responds to a text from her partner to “talk” later that day, and also reminds White Boy #326 where the closest movie rental place is, right on Commercial Drive. In the cab […]
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