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Q&A: Kenneth Moffatt on the importance of highlighting art for and by those from marginalized communities

RM Vaughan

The Ryerson University sociology professor is the 2018 Jack Layton Chair of Social Justice—and he has big plans for the role

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Where is Canada’s multicultural television space?

Aadil Brar

Russell Peters's new TV show hits all the wrong notes in a media space desperate for more representation

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Meet Canada’s most endangered species, from coast to coast to coast

Allison Baker

Bears, chickens, fish, and more are slowly disappearing from our country's wildlife

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West-coast all-Indigenous burlesque group destroys stereotypes with their performances

Megan Jenkins

Meet Virago Nation

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How a Yukon prison failed its highest-profile inmate

Emily Blake

Michael Nehass spent more than 2,000 days in the Whitehorse Correctional Centre—almost entirely in solitary confinement

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Students vs. Big Oil

Madi Haslam

Canadian universities are investing in oil giants, and students are putting up a fight. Inside the battle for divestment on campuses across the country

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Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.18.51 AM

Dude, where’s my canoe?

Kyle Carney

Why theft of the iconic vessel is a uniquely Canadian crime

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Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.22.29 AM

New collaborative art installation brings Winnipeg residents together

Jenna Anderson

The mural allows even those without an arts background to participate

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Toronto film screenings break down female representation on the big screen

Hanna Lee

Inside the bimonthly series Bechdel Tested

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Facebook’s new algorithm isn’t all bad news for independent publications

Hanna Lee

The change, aimed to curb fake news, could leave indie outlets stranded. But it may also promote a move to more meaningful content—the stuff independents are best known for

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What comes next for Canadians fighting to legalize drugs?

Susan Boyd

Excerpt of Susan Boyd's Busted: An Illustrated History of Drug Prohibition in Canada

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How a treasure hunt helped unveil the injustices present in the mining industry

Caitrin Pilkington

On the floor at the world's largest mining conference, activists asked the tough questions

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Curing Affluenza_fcov_300rgb

Why don’t economists care about waste?

Richard Denniss

Richard Denniss's new book explores the world of "affluenza," or the ways we fill our lives with goods—or junk—in the search for ultimate happiness

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REVIEW: New anthology explores why you should trust your intuition

Allyson Aritcheta

Inside Happy If You Know It

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REVIEW: New book recounts Canada’s history of women’s suffrage

Stephanie Milliken

Inside Joan Sangster's One Hundred Years of Struggle

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This_JanFeb_CoverFinal copy

Excerpt of Disney Song

Domenica Martinello

Poetry by Domenica Martinello

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Q&A: Ahmad Danny Ramadan on the unique experiences of LGBTQ refugees

Taylor Pace

The Syrian-Canadian author talks refugee life, his writing, and more

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Is love on a deadline? According to The Bachelor, yes

Suzannah Showler

A look at the reality TV show from Suzannah Showler's Most Dramatic Ever

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REVIEW: New graphic novel series explores life of Métis teenager through illustrated storytelling

Alicia Elliott

Inside Pemmican Wars: A Girl Called Echo, Vol. 1

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aries [the ram]

Doyali Islam

Poetry by Doyali Islam

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REVIEW: New collection explores Vancouver weekly’s bicentennial

Lisa Whittington-Hill

Inside Georgia Straight: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

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REVIEW: New poetry collection ‘reads like a very intimate confession’

Maria Siassina

Inside Liz Worth's The Truth is Told Better This Way

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