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Why the Green Party matters now more than ever in Canadian politics

Andrew Reeves

They hold just one seat in Parliament, and critics say they’re powerless. But after landmark wins in B.C. and the ever-growing need for voices on environmental issues, the Green Party has never been more important

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Inside Justin Trudeau’s first two years in power

This Magazine

In this performance report, we take stock of how the PM has fared at the halfway point of his term

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Local Input~  UNDATED -- RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS -- A page from a PDF document released by the Quebec provincial government on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 that shows acceptable symbols (top row) for provincial employees to wear, and non acceptable symbols for provincial employees to wear (bottom two rows). HANDOUT

Reflections on Quebec’s Bill 62: This is not our song

Amira Elghawaby

Canadians must now struggle to find optimism and strength after the ban of religious face coverings—targeting mainly Muslim women—in Quebec

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How the internet helped me come out

Sidney Drmay

On the importance of online connections and mentorship for queer teens

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The steep cost of renovating 24 Sussex

Amy van den Berg

Just call it a money pit

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What a day at the gun range with the far right taught me about my political echo chamber

Kristy Woudstra

Kristy Woudstra on shooting with the enemy

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Toronto’s Another Story Bookshop celebrates 30 years

Erica Ngao

How the independent bookstore stayed afloat—thanks to late owner Sheila Koffman

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Breaking down Bill C-59, Canada’s latest attempt to fine-tune national security

Kevin Philipupillai

It's considered the answer to Harper's 2015 anti-terrorism legislation

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Redefining femininity with Vivek Shraya’s newest album

Michael Pereira

Inside Part-Time Woman

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Behind the exquisite chaos of Edmonton artist Wei Li

Maverick Canterville

She was among finalists for the RBC Canadian Painting Competition

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Where are they now?: Subjects of scandal in the 2015 federal election

This Magazine

Remembering the UniCaller and #peegate

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The Land of Milk and Honey

Phoebe Wang

Poetry by Phoebe Wang

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Google is finally adding thousands of Indigenous territories to its maps with the help of community members

Amy van den Berg

The project will literally put Canada's Indigenous communities on the map

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What Jagmeet Singh’s win means for the NDP—and its supporters of colour

Brittany Andrew-Amofah

He's the first visible minority to lead a federal party, and that holds great responsibility

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“Act of God”: On Toronto’s HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s

This Magazine

From UBC Press's A Queer Love Story

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Meet Canada’s strangest independent parties

Maverick Canterville

They're on the fringe

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Toronto’s Disability Pride sheds light on municipal shortcomings for those with disabilities

Emily Macrae

In its seventh year, the march serves as a reminder of just how much change still needs to be made

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