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How vaping companies appeal to today’s teens

Amanda Lee

Social media, store displays, and youth-savvy flavours—behind the smoke screen on how young people are being marketed to

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Dear She-Ra: an ode to activist organizing across generations

Megan Kinch

Dear She-Ra (Princess of Power), Glimmer, and Bow, Hi, She-Ra. I’m a long-time fan of your work, but this is my first time writing to you and the Best Friend Squad. There’s been a reboot on Netflix which seems laser-focused on my child-of-the-1980s demographic (the fact that I have a six-year-old daughter who also loves […]
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Joelle Kidd

Sometimes Sam got words stuck in her head. Tonight she was repeating to herself the phrase, unwaxed thread—unwaxed thread—… The on-call room smelled like two decades of coffee breath. She slipped past its heavy door, her eyes protesting the quick adjustment from the bright fluorescent of the hospital corridor to the on-call room’s dim bulb, […]
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How horror helps us overcome our fears

Adam Pottle

And why it becomes popular during frightening times

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The role of white media in perpetuating online racism

Sanchari Sur

Redefining the “hot potato” of Yolanda Bonnell’s request

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The Exhaustion of Empowerment

Sidrah Ahmad-Chan

Muslim women shouldn't be required to act superhuman to avoid being seen as weak

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Regina’s Queer City Cinema

Chris Stoodley

Film festival turns lens away from the mainstream

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Spotlight on The Alberta Advantage podcast

Ben Cohen

Podcast gives a left-wing perspective on local politics

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The fare evasion blame game

Anna Bianca Roach

How talking about skipping turnstiles keeps transit commissions unaccountable

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When mental heath is not on the menu

Zakiya Kassam

People working in Canada's restaurant industry need more supports—and some are cropping up

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Memories on the margins

JP Larocque

A relationship ends against the backdrop of a changing city

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A thank-you note to Gen Z D&D gamers

K. J. Aiello

With appreciation for making gaming more inclusive

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