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Is welfare sexist?

Amanda Van Slyke

Some provincial governments will cut off social and disability assistance if a woman’s partner makes too much money—a 1950s era policy that curbs independence, reinforces the marry-rich cliché, and can even put women in danger

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On air with Calgary community radio station 90.9 FM CJSW, a non-profit based in the University of Calgary // Photo by Bryce Krynski

Small is good

Doug Horner

Big media is one hot mess. But it’s not all bad news. How community radio is set to triumph in the digital age and emerge as the surprising winner in the battle for the future of media

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New issue on newsstands now!

This Magazine

Introducing our May/June issue

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Meet This Magazine’s new art director

This Magazine

Introducing Valerie Thai in a game of six questions

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Gender Block

Hillary Di Menna

How to find summer love

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The power of hip-hop

Dina Lobo

How music brings social change

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Hillary Di Menna

A 101 on this classic form of abuse

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the witch

Gender Block: The VVitch

Hillary Di Menna

Pop culture tackles what it means to be a witch

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We could be heroes

Nicole Abi-Najem

Epic fantasy and sci-fi are today’s bestsellers and blockbusters. But in a world that can imagine magic and dragons, why is diversity so hard to find?

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Speak out

Fatima Syed

How an inspiring new generation of spoken word poets found their voices—and are using them to confront racism and challenge damaging stereotypes about Muslim women

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March/April 2016 Cover Story: A sick inequality

Stephanie Law

Children who live on First Nations reserves receive drastically less health care, disabilities, and social services funding—a cruel gap that’s led to both death and broken families. Inside the fight for equal care

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Gender Block: writing’s on the wall

Hillary Di Menna

Starchild Stela's radical softness

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Gender Block: Silence is Violence

Hillary Di Menna

Making noise and speaking out against rape culture

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We’re hiring a new art director!

This Magazine

Applications due February 22

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Standing ovation

Vivien Fellegi

How one playwright confronts stereotypes of black women through her work

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