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What the #MeToo movement hasn’t said about mental health and sexual assault

Lori Fox

The movement has largely focused on male entitlement and toxic masculinity. But failing to discuss, support, and connect the patriarchy-endorsed violence against women with its long-term mental health effects is problematic

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Tracking Canada’s investments in mental health initiatives over the past year

Sohini Bhattacharya

A look at care, from coast to coast to coast

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When it comes to representations of OCD in media, we can do so much better

Lisa Whittington-Hill

We shouldn't have to rely on stereotyped characters to see ourselves in the shows and movies we consume

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Inside the battle to modernize 1960s-era mental health housing in Ontario

Megan Marrelli

They're home to Canada's most vulnerable. They want change, but many decision makers are fighting it

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I tried to kill myself. I survived. When Canada’s health care system failed me, I tried again, and again

Sarah Mann

What needs to change in our country's suicide crisis intervention system

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It’s time to stop cottaging on Indigenous land

Denise Hansen

Because the land we relax on—and take for granted—isn't our land

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REVIEW: New plays explore female empowerment, growth, and sexuality

Kashi Syal

Inside Catherine Hernandez's The Femme Playlist & I Cannot Lie to the Stars That Made Me

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REVIEW: New novel explores time travel and the vitality of love

Chimedum Ohaegbu

Inside Thea Lim's timely debut novel, An Ocean of Minutes

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REVIEW: New novel takes an auto-fictional dive into the life of a Toronto millennial

Maria Siassina

Inside Sludge Utopia by Catherine Fatima

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New Ottawa exhibit offers a peek into Canadian children’s pasts

Allyson Aritcheta

Inside A Little History, at the Canadian Museum of History

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This art series is a post-capitalist fantasy

Jillian Morgan

Artist Dana Prieto seeks to hold Canadian mining executives accountable for extractivism in Argentina

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Now Your Son is Mine

Madhur Anand

New short fiction by Madhur Anand

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REVIEW: New novel showcases strong, ambitious female characters in the entertainment industry

Stephanie Milliken

Inside Kim Moritsugu's seventh novel, The Showrunner

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Jake Byrne

New poetry by Jake Byrne

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EXCERPT: Remembering the Sixties Scoop

Colleen Cardinal

Inside Ohpikiihaakan-ohpimeh (Raised Somewhere Else) by Colleen Cardinal

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This Vancouver dancer wants to teach you to vogue

Victoria Chan

Ralph Escamillan's VanVogueJam encourages people to strike a pose

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Mama’s Routine

Fazeela Jiwa

New poetry by Fazeela Jiwa

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