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We could be heroes

Nicole Abi-Najem

Epic fantasy and sci-fi are today’s bestsellers and blockbusters. But in a world that can imagine magic and dragons, why is diversity so hard to find?

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Speak out

Fatima Syed

How an inspiring new generation of spoken word poets found their voices—and are using them to confront racism and challenge damaging stereotypes about Muslim women

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March/April 2016 Cover Story: A sick inequality

Stephanie Law

Children who live on First Nations reserves receive drastically less health care, disabilities, and social services funding—a cruel gap that’s led to both death and broken families. Inside the fight for equal care

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Standing ovation

Vivien Fellegi

How one playwright confronts stereotypes of black women through her work

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the witch

Gender Block: The VVitch

Hillary Di Menna

Pop culture tackles what it means to be a witch

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Gender Block: writing’s on the wall

Hillary Di Menna

Starchild Stela's radical softness

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Gender Block: Silence is Violence

Hillary Di Menna

Making noise and speaking out against rape culture

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We’re hiring a new art director!

This Magazine

Applications due February 22

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Kim Katrin Milan

Blair Mlotek

The artist who helps her diverse communities tackle issues in creative ways

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Gender Block: Makeup as a feminist act

Hillary Di Menna

Discussing women's lose-lose battle with cosmetics

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Evelyn Encalada

Sam Juric

The professor who fights to stop exploitation and improve migrant workers’ rights

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Jim Derksen

Sam Juric

The longtime disabilities activist who won’t give up the battle for change

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Untitled 2016Jan_Rodriguez_feautre

The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Rio Rodriguez

Nashwa Khan

The historical researcher who re-maps communities to keep their radical roots alive

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Samra Zafar

Fatima Syed

The survivor and award-winning academic who empowers women to leave abuse

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Erica Violet Lee

Justine Ponomareff

The university student who challenges Indigenous stereotypes and advocates for change

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