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Social workers devote their lives to helping others. Why aren’t they receiving help themselves?

Shauna McGinn

Behind the shortcomings of the mental health care industry

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The gadgets we rely on are intrinsically changing us

Tyler Hellard

Technology helps us unconsciously make major life decisions—from the way we live to the way we love

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Best of This Magazine 2017

This Magazine

The stories our readers loved most this year

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An ode to old technology

Lisa Whittington-Hill

In defence of the big-ass cellphone in our pop culture favourites

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After a century-long absence, bison are returning to Canada’s national parks

Kyle Edwards

Sixteen of the animals were successfully reintroduced at Banff National Park earlier this year

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Christina Aguilera and Pink during 2001 MTV Movie Awards. Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc.

Please, stop pitting women in pop culture against each other

Lisa Whittington-Hill

The media expects female celebrities to be in constant feuds. Enough is enough

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Meet Canada’s abortion doulas

Sara Tatelman

The assistants help break down the stigma for Canadians terminating their pregnancies

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Inside Edmonton’s first Indigenous art park

Brandi Morin

Carrying the theme “the stories of This Place,” each piece will showcase different ways Indigenous people connect to the land

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Why Canada is doing television revivals the right way

Sara Black McCulloch

Homemade reboots are finding a way to successfully connect with new generations

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REVIEW: New novel brings together crime and sport in moving narrative

Aaron Broverman

Inside In the Cage by Kevin Hardcastle

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Forgetting Charles Lawrence

Tyler LeBlanc

The racist Nova Scotian tried to destroy my family’s Acadian culture. I’m refusing to let his legacy live on

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Is Ottawa’s proposed mega-shelter the right way to tackle homelessness?

Courtney Dickson

Critics say it’s the wrong approach

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I was an opioid addict with cancer. Then, cannabis changed my life

Sam Mellace

Excerpt of Sam Mallace's new book, The Great Cannabis Conspiracy

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REVIEW: New dystopian novel finds influence in today’s biggest conflicts

Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Inside Tarry This Night by Kristyn Dunnion

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B.C. clothing line takes back the appropriated designs of Indigenous communities

Isabelle Docto

Section 35 tackles Indigenous stereotypes head-on with political statements people can wear

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Vancouver’s Sandeep Johal offers hope in the face of female violence with her artwork

Madi Haslam

The artist's Rest in Power series celebrates women whose lives were taken brutally and unjustly

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How voice casting for video games has made the Canadian industry more homogenous than ever

Mike Sholars

Improved video game technology should have made more room for visible minorities. Instead, it’s created more jobs for white people

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