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For Asian artists, social media has changed everything

Hanna Lee

In the typically white, male-dominated Canadian arts community, online promotion and sharing has paved a new path for marginalized artists

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Why reporters need to be more responsible in their coverage of trans communities

Alex Verman

Journalism about detransition is creating overblown moral panic among North American readers

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Celebrating Indigenous writers and artists: A special feature

This Magazine

Featuring Gwen Benaway, Kai Minosh Pyle, Lindsay Nixon, Ziibiwan Rivers, Fallon Simard, Jaye Simpson, and Arielle Twist

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The best and worst of Canadian happenings: September/October 2018

Sara Tatelman

In this edition: legal win for polyamory, the ongoing fentanyl crisis, and more

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ACTION SHOT: Camping for justice at Saskatchewan’s Wascana Park

This Magazine

Photo by Eagleclaw Bunnie Thom

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Meet the woman lighting up the way for cannabis justice

Kieran Delamont

She’s been part of Canada’s cannabis community as long as we’ve had one. Now, Hilary Black is an integral member of one of Canada's biggest cannabis companies

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One Weird Trick

Andrew F. Sullivan

Short fiction by Andrew F. Sullivan

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How Canada’s news outlets have covered the Trans Mountain Pipeline controversy this summer

Amy van den Berg

From the national broadcaster to community publications

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Arielle Twist

Poetry by Arielle Twist

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this woman, nokum

Jaye Simpson

Prose by Jaye Simpson

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Kai Minosh Pyle

Works by Kai Minosh Pyle

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Interview: Ziibiwan Rivers

Gwen Benaway

On music, toxic masculinity in the industry, and the importance of community

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End Violence Against Trans Women

Fallon Simard

Visual art by Fallon Simard

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Interview: Lindsay Nixon

Gwen Benaway

On writing, motivations, and futures

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How privatized cannabis sales could threaten your privacy

Samuel E. Trosow

Will U.S. border officials have problems with Canadians who purchase weed online when they try to enter the country?

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On Maxime Bernier’s bold move

Christo Aivalis

What the MP's departure from the Conservative Party of Canada means

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