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Inside the struggle queer, Indigenous couples must overcome to start a family

Steph Wechsler

There are only 20 Canadian anonymous sperm donors. None of them are Indigenous. What are LGBTQ families to do?

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Canadian university students aren’t getting the mental health care they need after graduation

Carine Abouseif

Universities offer students mental health care to deal with the challenges of post-secondary education. But what happens when they graduate? On the tricky navigation of counselling after school

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Linda Christina Redgrave: One year after Jian Ghomeshi’s acquittal, I’m keeping the conversation going

Linda Christina Redgrave

She was Witness 1 in Ghomeshi's trial. She feared the dialogue around sexual assault would fizzle out. It's not.

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Here’s what Conservative leadership hopefuls have to say about labour

Nora Loreto

Spoiler alert: You're not going to love their proposed policies

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Vancouver's Insite facility. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Coastal Health.

What are Canadian politicians saying about supervised injection sites?

This Magazine

A look throughout the country, city by city

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Meet our new literary editors!

Erica Lenti

Andrew Battershill and Stevie Howell join the This team as fiction and poetry editors

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REVIEW: In Terri Favro’s debut novel, science fiction meets comic book artistry in the nuclear age

Aaron Broverman

Inside ECW's release Sputnik's Children

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Medical users are wary about Canada’s impending legalization of cannabis

Larkin Schmiedl

It could affect affordability and accessibility, critics say

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REVIEW: Anthology explores the underreported topic of menopause

Courtney Dickson

Inside Jane Cawthorne and E.D. Morin's Writing Menopause

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COMIC: Behind the scenes of that infamous Kellie Leitch video

Hana Shafi

Wait, is this angle better?

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At Toronto’s Kapisanan Centre, Filipino-Canadian youth find a sense of community making art

Al Donato

The small charity has become a second home for Filipino youth in the city

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From hearing to hard-of-hearing to deaf: A journey through sound

Sarah Vermette

There are many videos online of people hearing for the first time through a cochlear implant. The adult recipient typically cries tears of joy. This was not my experience. When the sound was turned on at age 24, it caused physical and emotional discomfort. It shook my world. I spent the next few days sleeping […]
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This Alberta animal-assisted therapy takes an inventive approach to mental health care

Laura Eley

Eileen Bona's Dreamcatcher Nature-Assisted Therapy Association uses animals to put Canadians back in touch with nature

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REVIEW: Unpacking gender through a mystical world in Lake Jehovah

Arielle Piat-Sauvé

In Jillian Fleck's first graphic novel, pronouns, relationships, and more come into play

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REVIEW: Collection of short stories examines the way death changes our lives

Samantha Sobolewski

Date with Destiny's stories evoke sadness, sympathy, hilarity, and even awkward discomfort

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REVIEW: Exploring Toronto’s legacy of poverty in print

Ryan B. Patrick

Bryan D. Palmer and Gaétan Héroux's new book examines the city's history of the poor, from the 1830s to present day

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REVIEW: New Coach House novel explores love, loss, and loneliness through alternating perspectives

Jemicah Colleen Marasigan

Shot-Blue is Jesse Ruddock's debut novel

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