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Books behind bars

Leslie Sinclair

Incarcerated people in Canada are often without access to information. Prison librarians are working to change that

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Blood Feud

Maddy Mahoney

Canada has made changes to be less discriminatory toward queer blood donors, but is it enough?

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A woman with long black hair and a thick gold necklace exhales smoke from the cigarette held in her right hand. A package of cigarettes in the lower corner reads "Zora." Spiders crawl down the side of the picture.


Leila Marshy

Maybe you remember Zora. I used to see her on St. Laurent selling jewellery and T-shirts and scraps of paper scribbled with art. In and out of bars and cafés, always alone, a storming shadow. Our eyes met once and I smiled. She stared, walked on. So, when I saw her on Sunday, sitting in […]
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The words "Daily Double" are enshrined in red in the middle of a collage featuring Montreal's Rialto Theatre, some flowers, Che Guevara's unsmiling head, and a Filet O Fish with the words "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad" around it.

Daily Double

Katia Lo Innes

  There are few things left that I can still derive joy from, the night bus being one of them. Whenever I can’t sleep and feel terrible about the state of all things—which is often—I remember that I can just walk out of my apartment in the middle of the night and wait at the […]
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An extreme close up of someone's closed lips

Growing out of it

Isabel Armiento

If others don't notice my stutter, can I really call myself a stutterer at all?

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A white robotic hand with visible joints holds a pencil and draws a straight line

Drawing a line

Sarah Samuel

AI art can be fun to generate, but that doesn’t mean it’s ethical

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Birds of a feather

Tova Gaster

From stages to council meetings, this Vancouver drag queen advocates for Indigenous representation and gender-affirming care

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Clearing Hurdles

Erin Gee

Ottawa drag performer’s scholarship fund is an homage to her childhood

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Cripping the Script

Tobin Ng

Queer and disabled people are changing the narrative around masculinity— and making it their own

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Stars and the City

Yasmine Dalloul

How to identify your Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte placements

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Occupational Hazard

Ben Burnett

Coming out at work is still a major challenge for queers across the country

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Jenny Heijun Wills

 Illustration by Lilian Sim The ropes at the bottom of my macramé pot-hanger are frayed. Not on-purpose frayed. Just unravelling. The fern, the one I planted only a few months ago, is growing more on one side. It greedily reaches for the window even though the sunlight is inconsistent. Today is the first day that […]
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The Operation

Nathaniel G. Moore

He did not hate the winter now, for he knew it was merely the Spring asleep, and that the flowers were resting. – Oscar Wilde, “The Selfish Giant”

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Talking with the dead

Lesley Buxton

Across time and cultures, humans have sought to communicate with loved ones who have died. As the lone survivor of a family, I need those conversations

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Sea of Love

Kiley Best

We need to rekindle our relationship with blue spaces

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An illustration of a woman wearing yellow surrounded by people silhouetted in turquoise looking very lonely.

All the lonely people

Yasmin Afshar

The discourse has moved on since the lockdowns lifted, but Canada’s loneliness epidemic remains

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An image of kelp cultivators in a boat recording their observations of the kelp in the wild.

Seaweed solutions

Fatima Aamir

The Kwiakah First Nation’s slow, intentional approach to kelp cultivation

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