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Standing ovation

Vivien Fellegi

How one playwright confronts stereotypes of black women through her work

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Kim Katrin Milan

Blair Mlotek

The artist who helps her diverse communities tackle issues in creative ways

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Evelyn Encalada

Sam Juric

The professor who fights to stop exploitation and improve migrant workers’ rights

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Jim Derksen

Sam Juric

The longtime disabilities activist who won’t give up the battle for change

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Gender Block: Silence is Violence

Hillary Di Menna

Making noise and speaking out against rape culture

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We’re hiring a new art director!

This Magazine

Applications due February 22

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Gender Block: Makeup as a feminist act

Hillary Di Menna

Discussing women's lose-lose battle with cosmetics

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Rio Rodriguez

Nashwa Khan

The historical researcher who re-maps communities to keep their radical roots alive

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Samra Zafar

Fatima Syed

The survivor and award-winning academic who empowers women to leave abuse

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Erica Violet Lee

Justine Ponomareff

The university student who challenges Indigenous stereotypes and advocates for change

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Mohammad Ali Aumeer

Hillary Di Menna

The hip hop artist who energizes crowds with songs about human rights and social justice

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The People Do Good Stuff Issue: Amira Elghawaby

Adam Rasmi

The former journalist who now works to end anti-Muslim press coverage

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As quoted in This Magazine's  January/February 2015 issue.

Gender Block: Remembering Jewel Kats

Hillary Di Menna

Jewel Kats, author, disabilities advocate, and real life Archie Comics character, died this past weekend. I profiled her in This Magazine’s ‘30 Totally Awesome Social Justice All-Stars‘ issue last year. I remember that she would get tired throughout the interview process so we would take breaks, but when she came back it was always with […]
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The People do Good Stuff Issue: Ilana Labow

Emily Rivas

The urban farmer who grows the green movement through gardens and education

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The People do Good Stuff Issue: Jen Sungshine

by Larkin Schmiedl

The youth LGBTQ advocate who preaches love and celebrates diversity

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