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Facing Bald

Alex Manley

There is no playbook for aging in a non-binary body

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The model minority performance

Karen K. Tran

Why are white people always asking me for validation?

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Caribou in decline

Sara Hashemi

The caribou population in Quebec is dwindling due to human activity and the well-being of their habitats is in danger. Here’s why we need to be paying attention and advocating for change

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Moving in

Emma McKenna

What living with my father-in-law has taught me about elder care and family

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Sex, lies, and the city

Danita Steinberg

What And Just Like That… gets wrong about women’s friendships

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two pairs of hands one holding the lid of a cookie tin while the other holds the rest of the container, container is filled with sewing supplies

Thank you, Mom

Saffina Jinnah

For modelling sustainability

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Retro read

Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Novel looks at social issues faced by newcomers

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Head shot of Jennifer David, profile shot of Waubgeshig Rice

Spotlight on storytellers

Michaela Stephen

Podcast uplifts Indigenous voices

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Young woman with shoulder length dark hair, blue overalls, and a pink t-shirt stands beside a crib holding the centre of a mobile designed like planet earth smiling at small child in crib wearing a pink onesie. There are animals lined up on a shelf on the wall behind them.

Pregnant pause

Laura O’Connor

I’m scared of having children on a dying planet

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close up of small seedling growing out of dirt

Seed the forest for the trees

Jadine Ngan

Seed the North takes an innovative approach to reforestation

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Out of control

Khadija Alam

A look at pandemic-driven rent policies across Canada

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Picture of earth on fire

Climate coverage crisis

Dhriti Gupta

Canadian media needs to reflect climate emergency

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Not an afterthought

A. H. Reaume

Disabled people are often left out of conversations about our climate future—when they should be leading the planning

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close up of electric car plugged into a public charger

Putting the brakes on electric vehicles

Paris Marx

The government is pushing us toward electric vehicles, but it's not as simple as it seems

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large potato field with a tractor in the distance on the left middle and pine tress along the horizon on the right side, there are clouds in the sky

Farming for the future

Jill MacIntyre

Conventional farming on P.E.I. is being challenged by a new approach to agriculture

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