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25 years from now, where will aging millennials live?

Ximena González

The oldest members of the generation will be turning 60 and will need options

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Another federal election that fails LGBTQ2S+ communities

Fae Johnstone

Apparently no party cares enough not to

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Why the youth vote matters—and why it might not materialize

David Moscrop

David Moscrop on young people being left out of the election

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Putting the brakes on car culture

Cierra Bettens

Canadian cities need to invest in public transit

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We need period policies now

Kirti Vyas

An open letter to Canadian employers

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Finding community on screen

Mira Miller

Queer television characters have helped me feel part of something bigger

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A bold statement

Heather Taylor-Singh

Ami Sangha showcases her signature style in ceramics

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Post-apocalyptic prose

Kate Heartfield

Premee Mohamed explores the future at a local level

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Audio killed the video call

Billie Gagné-LeBel

Audio-only apps raise accessibility concerns

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Cash after COVID

Keah Hansen

Is money as we know it becoming extinct?

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Mutual aid in a post-pandemic world

Furqan Mohamed

What does the future look like for those organizing around the immediate?

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Breaking tradition

Isabel Armiento

PhD students call on university to pay a liveable wage

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