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Meet the man tackling the over-incarceration of Indigenous people in Canadian prisons

Kyle Edwards

On Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow and his Gladue reports

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Canada 150: Resistance, empowerment, calls for change

This Magazine

A special feature by Indigenous writers and writers of colour

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In addressing sexual assault cases on campus, B.C. universities miss the mark

Madi Haslam

Whether new policies for handling sexual violence at universities in British Columbia will be effective remains to be seen

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Where CBC’s The Story of Us went wrong

andrea bennett

From historical inaccuracies to the commentary of (irrelevant) Canadian celebrities

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Q&A: Canadian artist Adrian Stimson on Canada 150 and diverse storytelling

Carine Abouseif

In conversation with the curator behind Vancouver Queer Arts Festival's UnSettled

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Justin Trudeau says he has trade with the U.S. under control—and it’s all thanks to his friendship with Donald Trump

Amy van den Berg

On 'Trumpdeau' and the politics of trade between Canada and America

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Why are First Nations men overrepresented in the Yukon’s penal system?

Rhiannon Russell

No formal Gladue report system currently exists in the territory, which could help reduce recidivism among Indigenous offenders

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Has progress to aid Canada’s LGBTQ homeless youth stalled?

Amy van den Berg

Two years since the country's first transitional home for LGBTQ youth opened, there's still plenty of work to be done to tackle queer and trans homelessness

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Gwen Benaway

New poetry by Gwen Benaway

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COMIC: Whitewashing Pride

Hana Shafi

With Pride Month coming to a close, we reflect on the importance of protest and visibility at parades across the country

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Saskatchewan artist creates her own Canada 150 tribute

John Thomson

Heather Cline goes against the grain in recognizing our country's sesquicentennial

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How survivors are confronting sexual assault on one Toronto campus

Hillary Di Menna

Tamsyn Riddle has filed a human rights complaint against the University of Toronto in the wake of her alleged sexual assault

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REVIEW: Powerful memoir explores the challenges of living with multiple sclerosis

Jemicah Colleen Marasigan

Inside Jen Powley's Just Jen

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Rainbow flag proudly waving

Read This: Our favourite Pride stories

This Magazine

A throwback to some of our magazine's best LGBTQ stories

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REVIEW: Inside the visual remembrance of John “Daddy” Hall

Maria Siassina

Tony Miller's new book explores the historical figure's life through linocuts

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REVIEW: New Biblioasis novel explores grief, loss, and relationships

Sharon Kashani

Inside Blue Field by Elise Levine

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REVIEW: New book explores the dying art of eulogy

Marisa Iacobucci

Inside Julia Cooper's The Last Word

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