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You are not your own

Samantha Purchase

What is learned and lost when you grow up in purity culture (and yes, it's here in Canada too)

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What can fungi teach us about healing trauma?

Katarina Sabados

What fungi taught me about connection and healing in community

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Kawai Shen

New fiction from our January/February issue

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The perfect assist

Thomas O'Donnell

How the NHL helped me transition

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Seoul mates

Zeahaa Rehman

A dearth of good rom-coms coming out of Hollywood is fuelling an appetite for K-drama

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Prairie queens

Jacqueline Salomé

How the Bannock Babes are creating a space for Indigenous drag

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Raising the barre

Grace Wells-Smith

How a New Brunswick ballet company helps newcomers build a life in Atlantic Canada

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Child detectives have feelings too

Jennifer Whiteford

The Bob’s Burgers Movie takes the baton from Nancy Drew—and it gets emotional

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Diversifying Canada’s oldest journalism school

Meral Jamal

In 2020, journalism students and alumni called out systemic racism and demanded change. Is Carleton doing the work?

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Lecturers on the line

Liam Devitt

The post-secondary strike wave was unlike anything seen before. With many issues unresolved, what comes next?

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Counsellors, caretakers, and cops

Carly Penrose

They're barely older than the peers they support, and they’re always on the clock. Resident assistants in Canadian universities speak up about a crushing emotional toll

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Teaching while fat

Dani Jansen

When schools talk about inclusivity, they’re not talking about fat bodies

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Teachable TV moments

Makda Mulatu

Abbott Elementary shows us what solidarity looks like

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