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The Doors That Do Not Open

Kerry C. Byrne

I always knew Elliott would leave. I was never under the impression I got to keep him forever. And besides—I’m not that kind of selfish. Sometimes, it almost felt like I should have chased him away early. Kept him from wasting his time on me. “But what do you get out of this,” I’d ask […]
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Labour opposes the arms trade

Scott Neigh

Trade unionists, workers, and peace activists unite against humanitarian crisis

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Deliberate degrowth

Paul Gallant

Have we arrived at the moment when we need to seriously consider deceleration?

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A letter to Audre Lorde

Hadiyyah Kuma

There's nothing wrong with being unoriginal

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Walter Scott, master of comics

Emma Steen

The newest installment of Wendy is not to be missed

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Z.Y. Yang

You act like loving me     is liminal like liminal means It’s not you it’s me. Like liminal means I’m going to summer camp now.   I’m upset when Gravity, 2013   plays on the TVs at Best Buy like I should want to watch two beautiful white people in space like we should believe there’s no […]
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Call me Iranian

Nedda Sarshar

In my youth, I asked to be called Persian—but not anymore

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Not silent all these years

Adele Barclay

How '90s icon Tori Amos helped me through a troubling time

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On thin ice

Sara King-Abadi

A trip to the Athabasca Glacier puts climate change front and centre

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Travel reservations

melannie monoceros

On travelling with chronic illness

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Between two worlds

Barâa Arar

The ethics of travelling "back where you came from"

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I’m not a fake Canadian

Li Charmaine Anne

Thoughts on travelling as a person of colour

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