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2017 Kick-Ass Activist: Nasra Adem

Erica Ngao

Now Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate, Nasra Adem takes to the mic to dole out spoken truths

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2017 Kick-Ass Activist: Charlotte Hrenchuk

Rhiannon Russell

In her nearly 30 years in the Yukon, Charlotte Hrenchuk has fought to improve the lives of women

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2017 Kick-Ass Activist: Andrew Gurza

Amanda Scriver

He has sparked a much-needed conversation about sex and disability, leaving no kinky question untouched

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Five issues to watch the Liberals address in 2017

Nora Loreto

Will Justin Trudeau's government keep their promises? We'll see

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2017 Kick-Ass Activist: Dexter Nyuurnibe

Emily Rivas

In 2012, Dexter Nyuurnibe tried to take his life. Now, he’s a leader for greater mental health awareness among Canadian youth

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2017 Kick-Ass Activist: LeRoi Newbold

Tannara Yelland

Black Lives Matter Toronto’s LeRoi Newbold offers youth a chance to learn Black history and political resistance outside of the traditional classroom

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2017 Kick-Ass Activist: Glynnis Kirchmeier

Hillary Di Menna

Paralegal Glynnis Kirchmeier is tackling sexual assault on campus head on, giving a voice to survivors at the University of British Columbia

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Inside an Ontario town’s fight to protect its local waters

Lindsay Kneteman

Wellington residents are pushing against Nestlé Waters Canada as the company pursues regional well sites

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Twitter probably isn’t the best platform to debate grown-up, complex issues

Tyler Hellard

Welcome to the internet, where much discussion devolves into name calling

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New Toronto play confronts a Ghanaian family’s dream for a better life in North America

Sharon Kashani

Jijo Quayson's Osia debuted at the city's SummerWorks festival to great acclaim

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A company headed for New Brunswick wants to pay Canadians to donate blood

Emily Baron Cadloff

After the 1980s tainted blood scandal, recommendations called for voluntary blood donation in the country. But that could change.

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Why Leah Parsons is still fighting to keep her daughter Rehtaeh’s memory alive

Michaela Cavanagh

After the story of her daughter's death drew international attention nearly four years ago, Parsons now travels the country to share her daughter's story

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Two poems by Benjamin Hertwig

Benjamin Hertwig

From our November-December 2016 issue

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REVIEW: Anthology on abortion shares powerful first-person stories

Ashani Jodha

New collection features five-part series chronicling the history of criminalization of abortion in Canada

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REVIEW: Third time’s the charm for Toronto Comics Anthology

Aaron Broverman

New collection features 30 comics from 46 writers and artists

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