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Are Canada 150 partnerships between mainstream arts organizations and Indigenous artists genuine?

Daina Goldfinger

The organizations made efforts to partner with Indigenous artists for the country's sesquicentennial—but many suspect there are ulterior motives

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Why are Ontarians still battling anti-Black police violence?

Rodney Diverlus

The deaths of Black Ontarians at the hands of police cannot be overlooked or forgotten

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What’s behind the high cost of food in Canada’s North?

Larkin Schmiedl

Food insecurity in the Northwest Territories remains a pressing issue

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Meet the man tackling the over-incarceration of Indigenous people in Canadian prisons

Kyle Edwards

On Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow and his Gladue reports

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Canada 150: Resistance, empowerment, calls for change

This Magazine

A special feature by Indigenous writers and writers of colour

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Rainbow flag proudly waving

A history Pride’s biggest activist milestones

Allison Baker

From the decriminalization of homosexuality to Canada's first on-reserve celebration

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New Brunswick’s population is aging fast—and the province can’t keep up

Jonah Brunet

Seniors are increasingly spending their days in hospital beds on the east coast

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Half a century after the destruction of Africville, Nova Scotia still has a race problem

Madi Haslam

For many, the reparations do not sufficiently address the devastating effect the loss of Africville has had on Nova Scotia’s Black community

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Canada has failed its Indigenous women and girls

Justine Ponomareff

Even after years of resistance, more needs to be done for Manitoba’s murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls

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Death to the personal brand

Marcia Walker

In today’s hot job market, professionals are encouraged to sell themselves. But what happens to our sense of worth when we’re commodified?

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My Landlord is a Spider

Jordan Moffatt

Fiction by Jordan Moffatt

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Notes on Stones and Flowers

Basia Gilas

Poetry by Basia Gilas

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REVIEW: Inside the brave and thoughtful analysis of sexual assault evidence systems in Canada

Maria Siassina

The Technoscientific Witness of Rape by Andrea Quinlan delves into the Sexual Assault Evidence Kit's long and complex history

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Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball.

Inside Newfoundland and Labrador’s uphill battle to economic prosperity

Nora Loreto

The province is banking on industry for its financial salvation

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P.E.I. continues to struggle with access to health care

Madi Haslam

Islanders now have improved reproductive services. But health care in the province still needs work

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Inside the battle for bilingual education in Nunavut schools

Allyson Aritcheta

A new bill could help the territory reach its goal to establish a bilingual education system

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Quebec media has perpetuated stereotypes about Muslim Canadians

Amira Elghawaby

It's time for change, writes Amira Elghawaby

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Why are Saskatchewan parks losing crucial funding?

Allyson Aritcheta

The province's Meewasin Valley struggles to keep afloat after funding loss

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Syncrude Aurora Oil Sands Mine, north of Fort McMurray, Canada.

Canadians need better protection from oil sands cleanup liabilities

Jodi McNeill

The future for oil sands mining is uncertain at best, but companies must account for the social and environmental costs now

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Why are First Nations men overrepresented in the Yukon’s penal system?

Rhiannon Russell

No formal Gladue report system currently exists in the territory, which could help reduce recidivism among Indigenous offenders

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