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Gwen Benaway

Waiting for Miracles: A post-op trans girl on sex and love

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A Host of Cells

S. Lesley Buxton

My daughter, India, died five years ago, when she was 16. Although she’s dead, her cells live on in a research laboratory at the University of Ottawa. I can’t bring myself to go there.

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Will Our Data Lead Us To The Virtual Afterlife?

Stacey McLeod

As Canadians live longer and amass more personal data than ever, we could be getting closer to living forever in bot form

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You Are In The Process Of Dying

Don Ayre

Last year I sat by my wife's side and held her hand as she died on the day of her choosing

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Dear Future Great-Grandchild… Forgive Us

Michael Polanyi

The world we'll leave behind won't be a pretty one

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We need to stop pretending there’s no Islamophobia crisis in Canada

Brigitte Pawliw-Fry

How do Canadians view themselves through the lens of national massacres?

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We’re here. We’re queer. Now what?

Amy van den Berg

For LGBTQ refugees, Canada is no land of unicorns and rainbows

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Gene machine

Adam Elliott Segal

I spit in a tube and uncovered secrets about my family long held under wraps by the government. My case for consumer DNA kits

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Transmeditations: RM Vaughan interviews David Bateman and Patricia Wilson

RM Vaughan

One might be tempted to call Transmeditations, a new book of poems by David Bateman and Patricia Wilson a “match made in Heaven”. But to paraphrase Mae West, Heaven had nothin’ to do with it. Legendary figures on the Canadian queer arts scene, neither poet has their head in the clouds: Transmeditations is blunt, raw, […]
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David Ly and Jenny Ferguson In Conversation

David Ly and Jenny Ferguson

Meet This Magazine's new literary editors

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Death of the Rom-Com

Lisa Whittington-Hill

Has messy love on screen killed the rom-com? We sure hope so.

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Turn Me On

Jillian Morgan

Polyamorous Podcasters on Living Without Fear

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My Mother Gave My Boyfriend a Handwriting Test

Julie Matlin

Handwriting never lies, but sometimes boyfriends do

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Get Naked and Spell

Sherwin Tija

Strip Spelling Bees Make the Cerebral Sexy

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A Thank-You Note to the Strangers Who Cared

Alexa Gilmour

Crowdfunders come together to support a church's inclusive messages

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Black Daddies Club

Angelyn Francis

How barbershop meet-ups and hikes are helping Black men reclaim fatherhood

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Tinder is Messing With My Mental Health

Rebecca Tucker

This doesn't feel like romance at all

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Pitch to our upcoming Election Issue!

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Ideas about the upcoming election? Tell us what you've got.

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We’re hiring fiction and poetry editors!

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Do you love CanLit? Are you always on the lookout for emerging authors and poets? If so, we want you! This Magazine is looking for both a fiction editor and poetry editor! Our fiction editor is responsible for overseeing the magazine’s fiction section. This Magazine publishes six print issues a year, with each issue featuring a short story by a […]
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