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Some chairs sit dejectedly in an empty room

A sober thought

Conyer Clayton

After I quit drinking, I set off to find a new community. I'm still looking

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Breaking the silence

Kena Shah

Canada is severely behind in providing support for female genital mutilation/cutting survivors

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A person wears a dreamy expression and a pair of headphones while walking

How TV podcasts helped me regain my memory after Long COVID

Nisa Malli

When my girlfriend of six years broke up with me by text, followed by a short call, I couldn’t comprehend it. It wasn’t grief, shock, or denial. My brain, damaged from 16 months of Long COVID, couldn’t read or write, splice voices from background noise, or parse words said fast enough to react. When our friends […]
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Drink tea, eat rice, go to sleep

Sophia Savva

I like working at the konbini because it convinces me I’m good and nice. Here, I’m a secondary character. I help people feed themselves and pay their bills and send mail. I don’t get into trouble. I never take off my uniform. I even wear it to bed. The armpits of the white blouse are […]
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A collage of band posters shares the names of several DIY music collectives

Something done right

Rosie Long Decter

How DIY music is staying alive despite Ticketmaster dominance

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A tea pot's steam emits psychedelic images, like mushrooms and eyeballs

A long trip home

Jacqueline Salomé

If I didn't experiment with psilocybin during therapy, I may not have seen my estranged mom again

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Rachel Cairns gives a serious gaze with the words Hypothetical Baby written in yellow in the background

Searching for solutions

Dominique Gené

Rachel Cairns frankly addresses gaps in Canadian abortion care in her new play

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Policy prejudice

Nathan Bawaan

B.C. has decriminalized some drugs, but in private institutions, different rules may apply

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A woman in a patchwork dress cooks with a worried expression while an apparition of her mother lectures over her shoulder

Wife Material

Blessing O. Nwodo

The noisy blender whirred, its blades rotating rapidly, crushing the brown beans for the steamed moi moi that Jide, her boyfriend, liked. Ogechukwu placed her hand on top to prevent it from moving as it juddered on the kitchen counter, the vibrations taking her back to a time when such electronics were forbidden at home, mainly […]
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Kiona Callihoo and Sanaa Humayun lounge and laugh together on a fluffy pink blanket

A soft space to land

Alexa DiFrancesco

How a peer mentorship collective is helping early-career BIPOC artists

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A white bottle of pills with rays of what looks like sun around it on a yellow background

The Beautiful After

Rachel Ganz

In the ’00s, taking gobs of diet pills didn't feel like a choice. In some ways, little has changed

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Mushrooms grow toward the sun on a pink and orange backdrop

Tuning in

Sofie Mikhaylova

What's the media's role in the psychedelic renaissance?

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A person stands in front of an open door, trying to go on vacation, but their suitcase is attached to the floorboards and can't be moved, holding them back.

Contingent freedom

Mikaela Toone

Travel can be nearly impossible for Canadians who take methadone

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Members of Dopamine Montreal gather for a group shot

Catching up to the crisis

Madison McLauchlan

In Montreal, harm reduction groups push for decriminalization

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A woman with long black hair and a thick gold necklace exhales smoke from the cigarette held in her right hand. A package of cigarettes in the lower corner reads "Zora." Spiders crawl down the side of the picture.


Leila Marshy

Maybe you remember Zora. I used to see her on St. Laurent selling jewellery and T-shirts and scraps of paper scribbled with art. In and out of bars and cafés, always alone, a storming shadow. Our eyes met once and I smiled. She stared, walked on. So, when I saw her on Sunday, sitting in […]
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The words "Daily Double" are enshrined in red in the middle of a collage featuring Montreal's Rialto Theatre, some flowers, Che Guevara's unsmiling head, and a Filet O Fish with the words "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad" around it.

Daily Double

Katia Lo Innes

  There are few things left that I can still derive joy from, the night bus being one of them. Whenever I can’t sleep and feel terrible about the state of all things—which is often—I remember that I can just walk out of my apartment in the middle of the night and wait at the […]
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