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Read This: Our favourite Pride stories

This Magazine

A throwback to some of our magazine's best LGBTQ stories

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Canada’s environmental assessments suck—and they’re devastating our land

Andrew Reeves

How our country plans to reform them

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Who treats Canada’s often-overlooked patients?

Pema Tsering

How Dr. Paul Caulford has helped and treated asylum seekers

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Partner brings lesbian garage rock to cities across the country

Marko Woloshyn

This New Brunswick band isn’t afraid to talk sexuality, feelings, or Ellen Page

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Do Canada’s sanctuary cities actually help refugees?

Lindsay Kneteman

According to some activists, the declaration is meaningless

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New film follows a Toronto sexual assault trial, featuring an all-female crew

Leah Lalich

Behind the scenes of Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial

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REVIEW: Inside the visual remembrance of John “Daddy” Hall

Maria Siassina

Tony Miller's new book explores the historical figure's life through linocuts

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REVIEW: New Biblioasis novel explores grief, loss, and relationships

Sharon Kashani

Inside Blue Field by Elise Levine

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REVIEW: New book explores the dying art of eulogy

Marisa Iacobucci

Inside Julia Cooper's The Last Word

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REVIEW: New collection of essays explores the emotional world behind baseball

Samantha Sobolewski

Inside Stacey May Fowles's Baseball Life Advice

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Two Sex Addicts Fall in Love

Jess Taylor

New fiction by Jess Taylor

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PHOTO ESSAY: The faces behind Vancouver’s overdose crisis

Aaron Goodman

Photojournalist Aaron Goodman provides an inside look at one woman's struggle with addiction on the west coast

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The radical change Vancouver activists say will end the country’s opioid crisis

Malone Mullin

Despite government harm-reduction efforts, Vancouver remains the epicentre of Canada’s overdose crisis. Now, activists say the only solution is legalizing opioids

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Manitoba artist uses portraits to comment on the realities of Iranian women

Sharon Kashani

Behind Zahra Baseri's award-winning Outcry #3

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The joy of watching TV at your own pace

Lisa Whittington-Hill

Binge-watching seasons of TV may be celebrated, but there’s solace in viewing on your own time

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What the heck is proportional representation?

Dave Meslin

And why is Justin Trudeau so scared of it?

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COMIC: And the Appropriation Prize goes to…

Hana Shafi

A white person!

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