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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Rape’s Progress

Kelsey Braithwaite

In the last decade, the definition of sexual assault has grown to encompass more hateful or taboo acts. Most Canadians now recognize terms like incest, molestation, pedophilia, rape, and victim blaming. Many people even recognize these words can be a painful trigger to victims. Unfortunately, this does not mean we know the meaning of these […] More »

Throwback Thursday: The Death of Public Broadcasting

Kelsey Braithwaite

We were told that journalism was in a bad place. Just not this bad. CBC News recently announced it will cut $130 million from its budget this year, which will eliminate about 660 jobs within two years. This is because of “funding shortfalls and revenue losses,” says the CBC article. This Throwback Thursday looks back […] More »

Throwback Thursday: Q&A with Sally Gaikezheyongai

Simon Treanor

With the recent murder of Loretta Saunders, and the growing outcry for a national public inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women (which was denied last week), it seems more relevant than ever for us to understand the battle aboriginal women face daily. Today’s Throwback Thursday revisits a Q&A with Sally Gaikezheyongai, an aboriginal mother of […] More »

Throwback Thursday: “The Conversion of Doom”

Simon Treanor

The current turmoil in Ukraine has sparked fears of a “Second Cold War.” But where are these fears coming from, and what do they mean today? For this edition’s Throwback Thursday we revisit “The Conversion of Doom” by Stephen Dale from our 1990 October/November issue. In it, Dale looks at the post Cold War era’s […] More »

Throwback Thursday: Out in the cold

Simon Treanor

Today at This Magazine, we’re excited to introduce our new blog feature, Throwback Thursday. With our 50th anniversary fast approaching (!!!), we’d like to look at some of our best articles that never made it to the digital stage. In all cases, these articles are still relevant today: They are the issues that stick with […] More »