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Throwback Thursday: Out in the cold

Simon Treanor

Today at This Magazine, we’re excited to introduce our new blog feature, Throwback Thursday. With our 50th anniversary fast approaching (!!!), we’d like to look at some of our best articles that never made it to the digital stage. In all cases, these articles are still relevant today: They are the issues that stick with us, ones that we still haven’t solved, ones that make us shake our fists, people that continue to inspire us, and  stories that remind us what fights we’ve won and how far we’ve come.

Plus, it’s always fun to revisit our best reporting and writing, from the very talented contributors who helped make This Magazine what it is today, and what will continue to shape it in the future.

Our first Throwback Thursday is “The Streets of Iqaluit” by Gordon Laird from our 2002 March/April issue. This story examines the homelessness in Iqaluit—where Inuit line up at soup kitchens and fill homeless shelters—and what this says about modern Inuit life and the fight to maintain traditional ways  (plus Canada’s tendency to ignore the North’s myriad struggles). Too sadly, and despite Stephen Harper’s love affair with the North, for all that makes the territory amazing, Nunavut remains both underfunded, under-resourced, and replete with challenges, making Laird’s story especially poignant today.








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