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September-October 2016

Making radio magic with Toronto’s Veronica Simmonds

Yes, she'll braid your hair on the air

Michaela Cavanagh@mmcavanagh

Photo courtesy of Veronica Simmonds/Braidio If Veronica Simmonds were writing a how-to guide for unparalleled elation, it might go a little something like this: follow your curiosities, meet all kinds of people, do the research, piece it all together and go live on-air—without knowing if anybody is listening. A sound-loving radio artist from Toronto, Simmonds has […] More »

How to save arts and culture in Canada: a Massey Commission 2.0

hilary beaumont

Their jobs sound like an oxymoron in Canada’s present political climate; arts professionals earn about half the average national income per year, a large chunk of which comes from grants. That public funding is in danger since Stephen Harper made it perfectly clear he doesn’t consider the arts a priority. Given that the main agenda […] More »

LISTEN: Cover story author John Duncan on the radio today

Graham F. Scott

Professor John Duncan, who wrote the current cover story in the March-April 2010 issue of this magazine about the Canadian military’s plans for the mission in Afghanistan, was interviewed on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto this morning. Take 5 co-hosts Crystal Luxmore and Dave Peterson interviewed John about the story, the toll that aerial bombing […] More »

Friday FTW: Forget your stupid iPad. Radio Canada's the gadget we want

Graham F. Scott

Toronto-based beautiful-tchotchke makers Science + Sons have a proposal for the legions of CBC-only listeners out there: a radio that only tunes into Radio One and Two. The Canadian Design Resource blog seems to have caught this first: Obviously inspired by the CBC’s iconic logo, Radio Canada also pays homage to the national broadcaster’s dedicated […] More »

Listen: Our Iraq war cover story on the radio!

Graham F. Scott

Anthony Fenton, the investigative journalist who wrote “Hostile Takeover: Canada’s outsourced war for Iraq’s oil riches,” the September-October cover story in This Magazine, has been on the air three times in recent weeks, talking about the article, Canada’s part in the Iraq occupation, and the private businesses that profit from the conflict. Here’s Anthony talking […] More »

Listen: our permaculture cover story — on the radio!

Graham F. Scott

Jenn Hardy, who wrote the current This Magazine cover story on permaculture for the July-August 2009 issue, was interviewed yesterday by CFAX 1070 in Victoria, B.C., about her feature article, her world travels researching this story, and how people can live more sustainably today. She talked for almost 15 minutes with Murray Langdon, the host […] More »
May-June 2009

Dear CBC: Review more books

Darryl WhetterWebsite

Professional book reviewing is dead in this country. The CBC could revive it. If Clive Owen were a Canadian author, maybe the CBC would finally review books. Katrina Onstad, a film columnist for, begins a recent review: “The International opens with a long, extended close-up of Clive Owen’s face, following which I jotted in […] More »