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The corporate-free alternative to Nuit Blanche: Les Rues des Refuses

jasmine rezaee

Toronto’s Nuit Blanche is an all-night arts festival with “a mandate to make contemporary art accessible to large audiences, while inspiring dialogue and engaging the public to examine its significance and impact on public space.” However, despite these admirable intentions, Nuit Blanche’s corporate presence is simply too great. After all, Nuit Blanche, as the countless […] More »

Why the FLQ manifesto should be read

kim hart macneill

I feel like I’ve been re-reading the same article all week. Politicians quoted in The Globe and Mail, National Post and others talk about this weekend’s Le Moulin à Paroles like it’s the last nail in Confederation’s coffin. “There was the death of a man. These were tragic events,” Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, Josée Verner told […] More »

ThisAbility #35: Crosswalk Chaos

aaron broverman

While cyclists in Toronto rallied to remember Darcy Allan Sheppard, the cyclist killed after allegedly being dragged along Bloor St.  by a car driven by former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant, another car accident was causing comparative degrees of outrage at the eastern edge of the country… and this one embodies my worst fear. More »

Q&A: "Critical Manners" Vancouver founder aims to make streets less mean

Graham F. Scott

With the death early this week of Toronto cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard, tensions between cyclists and motorists, always common, seem to have reached a boiling point. A spontaneous demonstration and  memorial last Tuesday on Toronto’s Bloor Street attracted thousands of cyclists who blocked traffic and held a moment of silence for Sheppard. The incident has […] More »

June 21: National Aboriginal Day (yay!)

kelli korducki

It’s only fair that the 11-day Celebrate Canada! festival should kick off with National Aboriginal Day. After all, what better way to commemorate this crazy multicultural mosaic of a country than by launching its celebration in honour of the first people to make it awesome? We’ve compiled a list of things to see and do […] More »

Happy 1 million to you, English

laura kusisto

The English language reached 1 million words yesterday. It’s a bit of a humbling realization if you’re intent on developing your vocabulary. It means, if you want to know every English word, you will need to learn a word an hour for the next 114 years, which means you’re probably already too late. That’s also […] More »

The big deal with free

laura kusisto

What does “free” look like? This was the prompt sent out to a group of local Toronto artists around two months ago. The results, which were hung along the fourth-floor hallway of the Case Goods Warehouse in the Distillery District last weekend, elegantly captured a word that is part economic reality, part political manifesto, and […] More »

Vancouver journalists to give presentation on Afghanistan

This Magazine Staff

A feature in the current issue of the magazine, entitled “Staying the course: Why Canada shouldn’t pull its troops out of Afghanistan,” has generated its fair share of discussion, as our next issue’s Letters pages will attest. The discussion continues to evolve as Canada’s involvement in the NATO mission in Afghanistan carries on — and […] More »

Visit Iran — get a free suit

This Magazine Staff

I know all this is just deadly serious, and I don’t want to downplay any of the anguish of the familes of the British sailors, nor in fact the concerns of Iranians regarding sovereign waters, etc., but the stories out of Iran today are just flat-out strange. From The Guardian: In a surprise announcement during […] More »

Google’s Universe-like Expansion Continues– did I say Universe? I Meant Matrix.

This Magazine Staff

I’m assuming that at some point in the near future, I’ll just be lying in bed mumbling the word Google while my “consciousness” experiences a world entirely created and controlled by the multi-gazillion dollar search engine. I hope at least, in Googleality, I’ll be able to fly across the landscape like in Google Earth. In […] More »

in the spirit of Ignatieff, this is all about me

This Magazine Staff

There is much to read, and much more still to be written about the wonderfully entertaining Liberal leadership convention on the weekend. Forced away from the TV Saturday afternoon by my two kids who desperately wanted to see the Superhero exhibit at the Science Centre (crazy expensive, but really fun) I timed it perfectly so […] More »