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July-August 2020

Walter Scott, master of comics

The newest installment of Wendy is not to be missed

Emma Steen

Wendy is far too high. She’s discussing her next steps in life with a semi-nude couple in a club in Berlin. If all goes well, she says, she’ll be attending an MFA program that fall. And she does end up attending the program—though in true Wendy form, she’s hungover and late for class on her […] More »

Margaret Atwood reflects on the significance of her This Magazine comic strip

The author remembers Survivalwoman in a new anthology

Margaret Atwood

Yes, it’s a blast from the past! Or if not a blast, maybe a small firecracker? Whose past? My past, obviously: I was Bart Gerrard, one of my noms de plume—the name of a then-forgotten and probably now more-forgotten Canadian newspaper caricaturist of the turn of the century. That’s the turn of the century before […] More »
November-December 2016

REVIEW: Third time’s the charm for Toronto Comics Anthology

New collection features 30 comics from 46 writers and artists

Aaron Broverman@Broverman

Toronto Comics Anthology Volume 3 Edited by Steven Andrews, Aaron Feldman, Allison O’Toole T.O. Comix, $20 With its third time at bat, Toronto Comics Anthology has come into its own. Toronto Comics Anthology Volume 3 features 30 comics from 46 writers and artists—each reflecting on Toronto in some way. Besides that, the genres run the […] More »
January-February 2015

Stories that save us

Hillary Di MennaWebsite@HillaryDiMenna

Writer and advocate Jewel Kats gives life to inspiring characters with disabilities WORDS HAVE CONNECTED THE DOTS of Jewel Kats’ life, keeping her company throughout. She describes writing as a passion that churns from within and comes out by the ink of her pen. An award-winning children’s author and comic strip writer, Kats has penned […] More »

FTW Friday: Seven decades of Wonder Woman

Hillary Di Menna

Gold headband and matching bracelets. Go Go boots, booty shorts and a baby tee. A raven haired badass wearing shades and driving an invisible car (goodbye invisible jet) to track down the bad guy. This was the latest Wonder Woman appearance, aired on the Cartoon Network July 13 in an animated short. Her first appearance was in […] More »