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Tuesday Tracks! Deep Freeze edition: The Luyas' "Cold Canada"

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The Luyas

In this country we love to talk about the weather. It’s like this guaranteed source of small talk, a go-to topic for filling the gaps in a conversation.  It’s the thing we all have in common, because we all experience it. Whether it’s the unnaturally mild weather of last week, the intense snowfalls we’ve seen, or just casual it’s-not-so-much-heat-but-humidity banter.

No matter what time of year, no matter what situation Mother Nature has put us in, it’s always relevant—especially at this time of year, when things just start to turn towards springtime and people start getting happy again. The cold weather has nearly passed us over for the season. Nearly.

The Luyas‘ new single, “Cold Canada,” pays homage to the fading frigid weather by paying respect to the unstoppable power of our winters. Despite our best efforts, we’re still powerless against the mighty grip of winter and no matter how sophisticated we become, “snow will always win.”

Cpver of the Luyas' new album, Too Beautiful to Work

Cpver of the Luyas' new album, Too Beautiful to Work

But as Jessie Stein sings, “we’re going to looooose,” nothing about her voice sounds cold or defeatist. Her declaration isn’t so much a forfeit, but an act of relinquishing power and responsibility. She’s right; snow will always win, so why try to change it? She doesn’t aim to tame the elements, but rather accept the inevitability of them.

There lies the beauty of the song. There’s a calm in Stein’s childlike voice that sounds like someone at peace with the inevitable. And a playfulness that signals the freedom that follows that acceptance. Now that we know we can’t prevent the winter, maybe we can just enjoy it.

As the song chugs along, images of a Rube Goldberg style weather machine comes to mind—perhaps with Stein in the role of the mad scientist trying to harness the power of winter. But of course, as pistons blast and steam shoots out, ultimately the machine backfires. There’s no avoiding a Cold Canada, but come to think of it, why would you want to?

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