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Tuesday Tracks! Brasstronaut, Aidan Knight, Radio Radio

Graham F. Scott

We’re going to try out a new feature for a bit, and see if it sticks: “Tuesday Tracks” — a small weekly collection of newish Canadian independent music. All three of our artists here have new albums being released today.

First up: “Jasper” by Aidan Knight. String, sparklers, a slow-cooker — the video starts with clumsy stop-motion animation and graduates to clumsy random shots of a family reunion. Goofy video, but a sweet, folksy song.

Second: “Slow Knots” by Brasstronaut. This will be the theme song of a new franchise of CSI set in a yet-to-be-determined but very laid-back American city.

Thirdly: Anything from new album Belmondo Regal by Radio Radio. Multilingual glitch-disco rap, if that were a thing. One of the tracks is called “Kenny G Non-Stop.” Also, you can buy their album in nine different formats, one of which costs $1,000 and includes a brass eagle statue and dinner with the band.

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