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Tuesday Tracks! Thrush Hermit, Holy Fuck, Makeout Videotape

Graham F. Scott

It’s Tuesday, the day we run down a few picks of new and/or notable Canadian music. Just a digest of newish songs today, in contrast to last week’s epic paean to Tomboyfriend from Luke. What do you prefer for this feature? A quick selection of music to listen to, or a longer piece of writing about, say, one band or one song? Here’s a poll to vote in, at right. Make your preference known!

First up today is “Heat Wave” by Vancouver’s Makeout Videotape. Their EP, Weird Meats, was released last Tuesday. Driving, distorted two-piece rock, with an unexpectedly catchy chorus:

Second: “Latin America” by Holy Fuck. That other notable Canadian F-word band has a new album coming out in May, but recently started streaming this first single off that album on their website. Slick, synthesized, and slightly sinister.

Lastly: “The Day We Hit the Coast” by Thrush Hermit. Joel Plaskett’s non-emergency band called it quits years ago, but a recent reunion tour and a new box set of all the band’s recordings, issued yesterday by Maple Music, has reignited Thrushmania. You kids today: this is what the 90s sounded like (i.e., awesome).

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