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Tuesday Tracks! Jason Collett, The Besnard Lakes, Ghostkeeper

Graham F. Scott

Another Tuesday, another bite-sized helping of newish Canadian independent music. Today sees new releases from Jason Collett, Ghostkeeper, and The Besnard Lakes.

To start: Jason Collett‘s new album Rat A Tat Tat is out today, including this track, “Love is a Dirty Word,” which seems altogether too amiable for its cynical title.

Next! Ghostkeeper‘s “By Morning” off their self-titled album out today. Louisiana bayou swamp folk spiked with surf rock, except from Northern Alberta, which has neither bayous nor surfing. Discuss.

Finally, The Besnard Lakes‘ “Albatross” from their new album Are the Roaring Night. A densely packed glacier of sound that’s slowly but surely crushing everything in its path.

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