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Time Wasters

Wednesday WTF: We watched the PM on YouTube so you don't have to

Graham F. Scott

Most videos on YouTube are total fiascos, but at least they’re entertaining fiascos. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s debut on YouTube—in which he responded with carefully prepared talking points to carefully screened video questions in a carefully pre-taped appearance—was dull because there was nothing at stake. It was like watching a man walk a tightrope across his […] More »

Friday FTW: "Bottled water blinds puppies"

Graham F. Scott

[On Wednesday, we introduced the first in our new WTF/FTW series of blog posts. Today we bring you the flipside of Wednesday WTF (bad/crazy/stupid news): Friday FTW (good/awesome/fun news).] U.S. website Tappening, a project and blog advocating that you ditch bottled water and drink from the tap like a normal person, launched a separate microsite […] More »

So bad it's "Goode"

kelli korducki

At a yuppie-friendly health food supermarket, Helen Goode pushes her shopping cart down the produce aisle. She reaches a mound of green apples reading “Conventionally Harvested $3.99/lb.” Just beside these lies another mound of apples, labeled “Organic $5.49/lb”, followed by a selection of “Sustainably Harvested Organic” apples, then “Locally Grown Sustainably Harvested Organic” apples, then […] More »

Rinky-dink ink tinkering isn't the answer

This Magazine Staff

A Dutch design firm has released a new computer font, Ecofont, that they say uses less ink, and can therefore reduce the e-waste that results from depleted toner cartridges. It’s a regular-looking font except that it’s riddled with holes, and the firm, Spranq, claims this reduces toner use by up to 20 per cent. Their […] More »

Stephen Harper's Twitter profile. LOL!

This Magazine Staff

This email just landed in my inbox: Hi, This Magazine. Stephen Harper (pmharper) is now following your updates on Twitter. Check out Stephen Harper’s profile here: Best, Twitter I’m not sure, but I have my doubts about whether the PM and This Magazine are going to be BFF’s. Still, this is a good way […] More »

Porn Pressure

This Magazine Staff

Adult content though your cellphone is officially canned due to pressure from concerned parents and Catholic lobby groups. Is sex and sexuality becoming repressed in an increasingly conservative North American climate? Or are companies finally being challenged on profiting off sexual content? Discuss. More »

Fox News fails to replicate Daily Show

This Magazine Staff

Some people seem to think that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is losing its edge. While it’s true the era-defining satirical news show has lost a number of fine correspondents, I find the writing and analysis to be as sharp as ever on most nights. And if you need something to remind you of […] More »

At the end of the day, all porn is handheld

This Magazine Staff

Porn is a bellwether of media format success. Typically, its seedly, unspoken nature, at least according to prudish Western sensibilities, belies the fact that it has proven time and time again to be a pioneer on new technology fronts. Take, for example, the internet. While the battle fields of the world wide web lies scattered […] More »

Procrastination deluxe

This Magazine Staff

It’s Friday, and if you can’t find anything to procrastinate with, you’re just not trying hard enough. (Try it on “manic mode” for best results.) More »