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Fox News fails to replicate Daily Show

This Magazine Staff

Some people seem to think that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is losing its edge. While it’s true the era-defining satirical news show has lost a number of fine correspondents, I find the writing and analysis to be as sharp as ever on most nights. And if you need something to remind you of how good it is, try a simple comparative analysis.

Fox News has launched its own spoof show, The Half Hour News Hour, which only deserves laughs for its sorry attempts at humour. The following clip has received roughly 400,000 views, but judging from the comments its “popularity” must be due to people’s voyeuristic need to see it for themselves. And it truly is awful, with a laugh track complete with a loudly guffawing man and incredibly lame jokes told by a stern-faced anchor. See it for yourself, then thank the heavens we still have The Daily Show.

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