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Guerilla Marketing and Boston Common Sense

This Magazine Staff

The cult cartoon tv series “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” had a bit of recent trouble with their latest promotional campaign. But only in Boston. After attaching the 1 foot tall promotional blinking lite-brite displays throughout 10 major US cities, including post 9-11 New York City, almost 2-3 weeks prior, no municipality was flustered except Boston. Boston’s city officials deployed an estimated $750,000 in police resources to lock down the city. With 0% of that $750,000 put into threat analysis. And while it’s reassuring that Boston officials were paying attention, its more than a little disconcerting that they weren’t paying thorough attention. Don’t these cities talk to one another? Doesn’t Boston have an overpopulation of cartoon watching M.I.T. nerds to recorgnize these cartoon “Mooninite” characters? And how do 9 other cities “get it” or dismiss it as irritant at best and Boston doesn’t? Of course, the City of Boston is on the attack, calling poor judgement, corporate greed (?) and and invoking 9-11, but really, how come only Boston freaked out? Is Boston the only one on the ball or the only one off the mark? If a stupid little cartoon show promotional gimmick has enough “wires and blinking lights” to screech an entire city to a halt, who really is winning the war on terror? Mooninite videos after the jump.

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