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Stephen Harper

Stop Everything #1: Is 350 "the most important number in the world"?

darcy higgins

[Editor’s Note: Today Darcy Higgins and Rebecca McNeil start their new blog column for This, Stop Everything, on climate change and sustainability. They’ve been blogging Stop Everything independently since September, but today we’re happy to welcome them to the This Magazine family. They’ll be contributing each Tuesday and Thursday approaching the Copenhagen Climate Convention in […] More »

EcoChamber #17: Stephen Harper's donut diplomacy

emily hunter

Make way, Homer Simpson—there’s a new Donut King in town: Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Choosing donuts over climate change deserves the title of King. King not only of donuts (as one critic called Harper) but the King of climate deniers. Last week, our Prime Minister skipped a day at the UN Climate Summit in New […] More »

The U.S. finally gets its act together, so Canada's "grown up," apparently

Graham F. Scott

Let me get this straight: The United States finally elects a credible president; moves to enact more humane health care policies; attempts to rein in its legions of lunatic financiers; and gets a clue on climate change. Meanwhile, Canada chugs along with its boring-but-stable banks and an imperfect but respected single-payer healthcare system. And we’re […] More »

Wednesday WTF: Wafergate drags on

Graham F. Scott

[This is the first blog post in our “WTF/FTW” series. In the magazine we’ve been including tiny articles that come under the heading “WTF?” and “FTW!” for bad/crazy/weird news, and good news, respectively. We’ll now be doing these weekly, as well: Look for Wednesday WTF and Friday FTW. You can probably work out which days […] More »

Elect a Tory, kiss net neutrality goodbye

This Magazine Staff

In a statement published on international peer-to-peer news site, the NDP’s Charlie Angus has brought the net neutrality issue into the federal election campaign. He begins by outlining what he calls the ruling Conservatives’ ignorance toward digital innovation and the recent axing of the New Media Fund. The Harper government falls into line with […] More »

Supremes give Harper the finger

This Magazine Staff

While today’s unanimous decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to strike down Canada’s controversial security certificates was not a direct attack on Stephen Harper, given his latest antics, I like to close my eyes and conjure up the image of the nine Supremes lining up to give Harper the finger. Actually, it’s the Charter […] More »

trying to be nice

This Magazine Staff

I wrote a blog entry last year criticizing the Prime Minister for skipping out on the Toronto AIDS Conference. The kernel of my argument, I think, was the issue of leadership over partisanship; that sometimes it’s the Prime Minister’s job to show up even if he’s guaranteed to get booed. I remember some of the […] More »

Great end-of-year chuckle

This Magazine Staff

From Wednesday’s Toronto Star story, “Tories admit breaking rules”: The party has also been forced to send belated 2005 tax receipts to some 3,000 delegates who attended the convention, with instructions on the complicated process required to retroactively claim the tax credit. Oh, sweet karma! The 3,000 Canadians who most hate taxes are forced to […] More »

Two legs good, four legs bad

This Magazine Staff

On human rights: “The Chinese have since said they would like to have a meeting [with Stephen Harper], but also vowed to oppose any ‘irresponsible’ interference in its internal affairs.”– Globe & Mail On the environment: ‘There are some who are using the Kyoto Protocol to create divisions within our country, but we will not […] More »

yes, this seems like a good time to get messy in public

This Magazine Staff

The Tories have taken Garth Turner’s executive washroom key away. It’s in the Globe. You know, Garth Turner…played third base for the Blue Jays in the 80’s. But here’s my question — who writes the Tory press statements? Check out Jaffer’s word-like things: “This is something that has been culminated since Mr. Turner’s election to […] More »

who can they sell this stuff to?

This Magazine Staff

It’s not every day you look to Sun Media for criticism of the new federal government, or even back-handed support for Kyoto. And yet… Thanks to Paul Wells for pointing to this column in the Sun where Greg Weston reveals some shady play on the truth by Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. A report today by […] More »