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Elect a Tory, kiss net neutrality goodbye

This Magazine Staff

In a statement published on international peer-to-peer news site, the NDP’s Charlie Angus has brought the net neutrality issue into the federal election campaign. He begins by outlining what he calls the ruling Conservatives’ ignorance toward digital innovation and the recent axing of the New Media Fund. The Harper government falls into line with the pro-free-market U.S. administration when it comes to copyright legislation, he continues, before extolling the virtues of his party as the only one defending Internet freedoms in the House of Commons.

“There are key urban ridings across Canada where the issue of copyright and Net Neutrality could spell the difference in winning or losing the riding,” Angus writes. “This provides a unique opportunity to the arts, education and innovation community to get active and organized. The Conservative party needs to know that the digital community will push back against their corporate agenda.”

Full text of the statement here.

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