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yes, this seems like a good time to get messy in public

This Magazine Staff

The Tories have taken Garth Turner’s executive washroom key away. It’s in the Globe. You know, Garth Turner…played third base for the Blue Jays in the 80’s.
But here’s my question — who writes the Tory press statements? Check out Jaffer’s word-like things:
“This is something that has been culminated since Mr. Turner’s election to our caucus,” Mr. Jaffer said Wednesday at a press conference in Ottawa. He said the primary sources of concern were confidentiality matters and attacks on other party members posted on Mr. Turner’s blog.
“There is attacks that were made on individuals, including the Prime Minister,” Mr. Jaffer said. “The theme of confidentiality was not being respected, in their opinion, and it restricted the ability for members to operate in a confidential way.”
I hate it when themes are not respected and attacks is made.
Not fair? Too picky? Opening the door to examination of my own writing skills? If so, please buy and read my entire book before commenting.

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