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Sexual Health

TIFF review: Indian wombs-for-hire in Google Baby

kim hart macneill

I saw the future of outsourcing at TIFF this week, and it’s not pretty. The award-winning documentary Google Baby follows Doron, who sees the need for affordable, outsourced babies after he and his partner spent $140 thousand having a baby in the United States. He forms a team of like-minded entrepreneurs across the globe and […] More »

Queerly Canadian #14: Top 5 myths of TV transsexuals

cate simpson

Has a transsexual ruined your life lately? Because if you believe what you see on TV, trans people are lurking everywhere, just waiting to pounce on unassuming heterosexuals. Trans characters on TV are like those early depictions of gay men, before they started cropping up as every woman’s best-friend-slash-fashion-adviser. It’s depressing to argue that the […] More »

Tori Stafford and Tara Lyn Poorman: violence in silence

kelli korducki

Ever the  moral hinterland, the U.S. state of Texas has recently been in the news for an exceptionally despicable practice: charging victims of sexual violence up-front payments for their own rape kits, which pack a financial wallop of up to $1800. No one has conducted an official poll on the matter, but I’m fairly confident […] More »

A kid's-eye view of HIV/AIDS in Africa

Graham F. Scott

Toronto-based NGO Africa’s Children—Africa’s Future, which runs programs and advocates for HIV/AIDS orphans and other children in sub-Saharan Africa, has an interesting photography exhibit on right now as part of the annual Contact festival. AC-AF provided cameras to African kids, aged 12-18, and asked them to document the world around them, particularly the consequences of […] More »

A Little Matter of Consent

This Magazine Staff

Well, it looks like the federal justice committee has just cleared the way for the passage of Bill C-22, which will raise the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16. The Conservatives are calling it the “age of protection,” and are falling all over themselves, claiming to be protecting children from exploitation. I’ve made […] More »

Greeks, Sex and Alanis

This Magazine Staff

Some things have been bugging me a lot lately. I worked a sorority ball the other night and it was by far the most embarassing thing I’ve ever witnessed. My university didn’t allow greek associations and so until now I never quite understood what my friends meant when they admitted to hating these people. I’m […] More »

International Women’s Day Special Report: Women’s Health in Haiti

This Magazine Staff

Getting the word out about a free hospital for pregnant Haitian women (photo by Isabelle Jeanson for Médecins sans Frontières) The poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, Haiti has suffered as a result of international intervention for over five hundred years. The damage continues to this day, in the form of desperate poverty and extreme […] More »