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Greeks, Sex and Alanis

This Magazine Staff

Some things have been bugging me a lot lately. I worked a sorority ball the other night and it was by far the most embarassing thing I’ve ever witnessed. My university didn’t allow greek associations and so until now I never quite understood what my friends meant when they admitted to hating these people.
I’m not one to rail against debauchery, I have no problems with people doing silly things and getting wasted, partying, having meaningless sex or whatever, but these people, the “sisters” and their fratboy dates, really bothered me. On the way in, girls already had to be helped into the washrooms to puke, they could barely stand up. The conversation ranged from meaningless to insecure. “There’s this brand, kinda edgier than American Eagle, but not, like Abercrombie or anything like that…”
The drunk organizer couldn’t understand how to speak into the microphone and even the seniors were basically illiterate. Their “roasts” of the graduating class were the saddest excuses for rhyming couplets I’ve ever heard, and, even in this hyper-sexual day and age, genuinely shocking, but more for the sheer magnitude of mainstream sex acts described rather than anything subversive.
On the other hand, I saw Alanis Morissette’s parody of The Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps” video which everyone is talking about. It’s brilliant, but wasn’t the original song satire to begin with? That’s the only way I can explain lyrics that bad. My question, if the original song is a commentary on the commodifying nature of mainstream culture then what is Alanis’ version?

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