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Are the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Responsible for B.C.'s missing arts funds?

jasmine rezaee

The Ancient Olympic Games were held in Greece every four years and celebrated culture as much as sports. The founder of the modern Olympic movement, Pierre de Coubertin, placed an emphasis on culture as well, making it the “second pillar” of the Olympics, equal to sports. In the early 20th Century, the second pillar was […] More »

What's the Legal Aid Ontario lawyers' boycott all about?

kim hart macneill

The Ontario Government is using single mothers to sell a proposed funding increase to legal aid the public, but lawyers aren’t buying it. “Almost 70 per cent of family legal aid cases involve women making $22,000 or less per year. Nearly all of these cases involve children. This significant investment is critical to ensuring the safety […] More »

Wednesday WTF: If you don't measure acid rain, it's not happening!

Graham F. Scott

The Alberta environment ministry announced this week that they’re going to cut back on acid-rain testing in the northern tar sands region, citing budget cuts. Up to now, the province has been sampling rain for its acidic content every week. They believe they can get the same top-notch quality results by testing less: “It’s a […] More »

EcoChamber #14: Science Fiction and Fact collide in Alberta's tar sands

emily hunter

[This is part two of a three-part series of posts Emily is writing on the tar sands. Last week’s post is here.] It’s scary sometimes how science fiction can parallel with reality. The Tar Sands dilemma has come to do just that. As we seek to find a solution to our intensive emissions, here in […] More »

NDP considering name change: the 'Democratic Party'

nick taylor-vaisey

If several high-profile individuals have their way, one of Canada’s major political parties could be on the way to a rebranding even before the summer is out. The New Democratic Party could enter the fall session of parliament with a new name, simply called the “Democratic Party.” The move has been promoted by a mounting […] More »

all out of proportion

This Magazine Staff

(Billy Ballot image courtesy of the Citizens’ Assembly site) I think I work in the most interesting building in the country. 215 Spadina in Toronto is home to the Centre for Social Innovation, a crazy collection of tiny groups and operatives all on the sharp edge of social change. The Lunch ‘n Learn schedule alone […] More »

Gung Hay Fat Choy

This Magazine Staff

“Come check it out, Gordo’s next door and he’s wearing a silk shirt,” said my coworker. We were setting up for lunch in the hotel banquet room when I got the news. “Here’s my chance,” I thought, as I eyed the pies coming from the kitchen. Gordo is British Columbia slang for Gordon Campbell, our […] More »

The King is Dead

This Magazine Staff

It’s official, Ralph Klein’s resignation as leader of the Progressive Conservative party of Alberta was accepted today. Once a new leader is elected, Klein will resign as premier too. Klein has been arguably the biggest problem with Alberta’s PR for nigh-on a decade now. I’ll bet there’s some clinking of glasses happening over on Sussex […] More »