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Friday FTW: Feminist Taylor Swift and other great feminist tweets

Espe Currie

The “Hey girl…” feminist Ryan Gosling meme was huge—and the author, Danielle Henderson, even landed a book deal. We’ve been following some other feminist Tumblrs and Twitters. Here are some posts from our favourites: *Warning: working knowledge of Taylor Swift lyrics required* We are never ever ever ever / Asking for it — FeministTaylorSwift (@feministtswift) […] More »

This Magazine is about, um, Ontario. Help us do better!

kim hart macneill

To prepare for our regular staff meeting earlier this week, we flipped through the last year of This to see what we covered well, and what we’ve missed. The findings clearly showed us the kinds of stories we tend to cover—and pointed to a few things we need to work on. First a word on […] More »

Is there a saviour for journalism?

laura kusisto

Journalism’s most fearless reporters take on its toughest question If you’re a journalist and still brave enough to announce that fact on social occasions, you can be more or less assured what the next question will be. “Don’t you worry,” someone will always begin with a sheen of sympathy, “that journalism is dying?” There are […] More »

Remembering Frank McCourt and the lessons of his life

laura kusisto

A shrewd writer who told the ugly truth about poverty I first read Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes when I was 14. My family took a road trip from Saskatchewan to Ontario — 1,800 kilometres, 20 driving hours, and about 40 pounds of gummy bears. Anyone who has travelled across the country in a minivan with […] More »

The Weaker Sex?

kelli korducki

It’s official, folks: males are the weaker sex. Toronto-based physician Ken Walker—perhaps better known as nationally syndicated medical columnist Dr. Gifford-Jones—points out in a recent article that life’s cards are unfavourably stacked against those with a Y chromosome, and he attributes social conditioning to be a primary culprit. Males live an average of 5.3 years […] More »

Facebook's Privacy Scholars

kelli korducki

In an age when CNN can get away with quoting Twitter as “a source” in its coverage of Iran’s high-stakes political bedlam, it’s more than fair to assume that as a society, we’re still ironing out the kinks in our relationship with interactive media. For some of us that might mean, say, late-night microblogging about […] More »

Vancouver's safe injection site gets reprieve, but still no salvation

laura kusisto

A few days ago, a deadline with potentially enormous consequences passed very quietly. Thank goodness. It was June 30th, the day a court order to save Insite – Canada’s only safe injection site for heroine users – was due to expire. Fortunately the government agreed to extend the exemption and allow the facility to continue […] More »

Trash your neighbour and save the environment

laura kusisto

I grew up in Saskatchewan, so I’m not accustomed to being on the receiving end of the country’s resentment of Toronto. For this reason, I never thought I’d publicly acknowledge, let alone write about, problems created by the ongoing garbage workers’ strike. But the strike did get me thinking about new work applying “social proof” […] More »

In Bruno, Baron Cohen offers summer fun with a side of serious

laura kusisto

It’s difficult to imagine any context in which three litres of depilatory cream, an adopted baby named O.J., and Ron Paul could come together. Of course, it’s equally difficult to imagine a Sacha Baron Cohen production in which such a whacky bunch of elements wasn’t united. Cohen’s newest movie, Bruno, to be released July 10th, […] More »

She's Shameless: Women write about growing up, rocking out, and fighting back

kelli korducki

Girls are expected to behave a certain way. While I’m not exactly sure what that means, I do know that I was once chastised by one of my high school drama teachers for what she diagnosed as “this stupid Goth thing you’re going for”: referring—albeit inaccurately—to my self-styled uniform of inky dyed hair, Salvation Army […] More »

Celebrate the 'smallest' in Canadian poetry at bp Nichol Chapbook Awards

laura kusisto

Is it too ambitious to call chapbooks the quintessential medium for Canadian poetry? Certainly many do. And it is true that in these tiny works of ephemera have been published some of the most experimental and best work of Canadian poets such as Gwendolyn McEwen, Jay Millar, and of course bp Nichol. Moreover, like the […] More »