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Friday FTW: forget cupid this Valentine's Day, it's time to end violence against women

meagan thibeault

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and ladies coast to coast anticipating some special show of affection, there are alternative efforts toward female appreciation also being made. The Native Youth Sexual Health Network has just released a collection of writing by Aboriginal men about how they can help put a stop to violence against women […] More »

Toronto: Tell us your favourite Joy Division song to win tickets to Friday's documentary screening!

Graham F. Scott

Our friends at Images Festival have very nicely given us two passes to the screening of Grant Gee’s documentary Joy Division, screening this Friday, February 5, 2010 in Toronto. So, in order to make sure the swag goes to a true JD fan, we’re asking you to leave a comment below naming your favourite Joy […] More »

This Magazine's map of Saturday's anti-prorogue rallies

Graham F. Scott

View Anti-Prorogue Rallies in a larger map Tomorrow is the big day all across Canada, as thousands of Canadians will be gathering to protest Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue parliament until March 3. There are going to be many ways to participate in this peaceful, non-partisan event, both on the street and online. […] More »

Stop Everything #11: Last Chance, Canada: Pump up the Volume

rebecca mcneil

“For those who claim a deal in Copenhagen is impossible, they are simply wrong.” – – Achim Steiner, Director, United Nations Environment Programs Yesterday marked the beginning of the International Climate Change discussions in Copenhagen. More than any other previous international agreements, so much emphasis has been put on this particular forum as it is widely […] More »

This article on feminist porn included in Best Canadian Essays 2009

Graham F. Scott

Alison Lee’s November-December 2008 This Magazine cover story, “The New Face of Porn” was chosen as one of 14 pieces to be published in Tightrope Books’ The Best Canadian Essays 2009. There are some great pieces of writing in there, and we’re thrilled that an essay that started in the pages of This is getting […] More »

Wednesday WTF: Congratulations! You've won a criminal background check!

kim hart macneill

Virgin Mobile wants Canadians to join the hunt for the most fearless among us. Know what we fear? Massive privacy invasion! The contest involves posting a one minute video of yourself, doing something fearless, on YouTube. Skydiving or swimming with sharks are listed as prime examples of activities fearless Canadians partake in. On November 19th, […] More »

Friday FTW: Celebrate International Animation Day with the National Film Board!

Graham F. Scott

In case you didn’t know, October 28 is International Animation Day, and the National Film Board is celebrating all week with Get Animated, a series of free screenings and workshops across the country. There are 13 locations coast to coast offering programs, and for everyone else there’s a set of films available for viewing online. […] More »

See Gordon Laird talk "Deglobalization" in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary

Graham F. Scott

Gordon Laird, the Alberta investigative journalist and a former This Magazine one-man-band — at one time in the early ’90s he was simultaneously the magazine’s advertising sales rep, circulator, business manager, and a member of the editorial collective — has written a new book, and it’s a doozy. He’s in the midst of launching The […] More »

Friday FTW: Hope in Shadows empowers Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

jasmine rezaee

The Hope in Shadows contest is changing perceptions of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) by giving residents an opportunity to document their stories through photographs. This year marks the seventh annual Hope in Shadows photography contest. Every June, around 200 free disposable cameras are distributed to DTES residents. Contestants are allotted three days to take pictures, […] More »

Visit us at Word on the Street today!

Graham F. Scott

We’re setting up our booth right now for Word On The Street in Toronto, and looking forward to meeting lots of current and future readers of This Magazine. We’ll be offering special deals on back issues and subscriptions today, so please come and say hello! We’re at Booth #235, at the corner of Queen’s Park […] More »

ThisAbility #36: Ian Brown's The Boy in the Moon

aaron broverman

Ian Brown’s The Boy in the Moon had already achieved a mythic status long before it was ever ready for public eyes. It was this insiders’ rumour, the much anticipated, nagging project that was going to blow away everything the Globe and Mail feature writer had ever written previously.  As far back as 2007, the […] More »