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American Presidential Election

Friday FTW: "Designing Obama" book evokes nostalgia for simpler time (i.e. 2008)

Graham F. Scott

Above I’ve embedded a video made by Scott Thomas, design director of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential run, stumping for a book he’s working on called Designing Obama. And in classic Barack-the-vote style, he’s relying on a web-savvy, crowd-sourced, grassroots internet campaign to get it off the ground, requiring readers to collectively pledge the US$65,000 it […] More »

The U.S. finally gets its act together, so Canada's "grown up," apparently

Graham F. Scott

Let me get this straight: The United States finally elects a credible president; moves to enact more humane health care policies; attempts to rein in its legions of lunatic financiers; and gets a clue on climate change. Meanwhile, Canada chugs along with its boring-but-stable banks and an imperfect but respected single-payer healthcare system. And we’re […] More »

Postcard from Washington: In the belly of the beast

This Magazine Staff

[Editor’s Note: From time to time we feature guest bloggers on the site. Eva Salinas, who edits news columns for the magazine, was in Washington D.C. for the Obama inauguration last week, and sends this dispatch about her experience. To propose guest blogs, email editor at thismagazine dot ca.] BY EVA SALINAS And what a […] More »

Liveblog: Barack Obama's Inauguration

This Magazine Staff

Welcome to our liveblog of the wildly anticipated/overhyped inauguration of the U.S.A.’s 44th president, Barack Obama. The blog will update automatically in the window below, so you don’t need to refresh your browser. You can also leave comments in real time by selecting “Make a comment.” More »

FYI: we're liveblogging the Inauguration tomorrow

This Magazine Staff

Just a brief programming note in advance of tomorrow’s all-day O-nauguration extravaganza: We’ll be doing a liveblog of the ceremony on Tuesday, January 20, starting right here at at 11 AM. C’mon back and see us then. More »

Presidential Inauguration, Survivor-Style

This Magazine Staff

As Americans prepare to make history before the world’s watchful eyes, the town of Washington DC is gearing up for a natural disaster. Next Tuesday’s inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama is starting to sound more like a drill for an impending terrorist attack than a celebration. In preparation for this historic moment, the city […] More »

Guest Blogger: On Being Canadian Today (Impotence)

This Magazine Staff

[Editor’s Note: from time to time we’ll feature guest bloggers on important issues; In honour of today’s big electoral hurrah in the U.S., a reflection on Canadians’ feelings of helplessness as the American presidential race comes down to its final hours.] BY SARAH BARMAK A couple of weeks ago a friend from Texas who is […] More »

Obama and NAFTA

This Magazine Staff

The American Presidential election is coming to a close next tuesday, November 4. Canadians might be watching this election as if it were a tv show – amused, entertained, titillated, yet ultimately detached. But let’s not forget just how much our future is wrapped up in the dealings of those south of the border. Case […] More »

Obama infomercial was puke-tacular TV

This Magazine Staff

On Wednesday night the Obama-Biden ticket broadcast their already infamous “Barack Obama: American Stories” infomercial, above, across seven TV networks simultaneously. Initial ratings indicate 30 million people tuned in. I hope it brings him some votes, because he’s obviously the better candidate of the two. But seriously, folks: what a nakedly manipulative, shamelessly sentimental trough […] More »

Obama and socialism

This Magazine Staff

McCain, Palin, and their Republican acolytes have recently taken to calling Barack Obama a socialist. In making that “charge” (apparently socialism is a very bad thing in the States) they point to Obama’s progressive, or punitive, depending on how you look at it, income-tax plan. In his plan, people making more than $250,000 will face […] More »

The presidential election is only six days away!

This Magazine Staff

Six days from now, on November 4th, America will decide its president. They will either choose the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, or the Republican, John McCain. But what would choosing either amount to? Many of us know what the candidates have said they will do as president, but, of course, what one says and what […] More »