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Obama infomercial was puke-tacular TV

This Magazine Staff

On Wednesday night the Obama-Biden ticket broadcast their already infamous “Barack Obama: American Stories” infomercial, above, across seven TV networks simultaneously. Initial ratings indicate 30 million people tuned in. I hope it brings him some votes, because he’s obviously the better candidate of the two.
But seriously, folks: what a nakedly manipulative, shamelessly sentimental trough of Hallmark bull-pucky it was. The Amber Waves of Grain swaying in the breeze, the plucky everyfamily filling up at the gas pump, the stoic elders working at Wal-Mart to pay for prescription arthritis drugs. Real people, sure, with real problems that are worthy of the candidate’s attention. But the soft-focus, TV-movie-of-the-week production values made the whole thing seem like a promotional video for a nursing home. Ick.

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