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Friday FTW: The sentinels of genocide

Kate Hefford

When the Holocaust ended almost 70 years ago, and we said it would never happen again. Yet, there have been six genocides since then. The systematic murders in Darfur are ongoing, and the country’s government won’t address them. Many groups have been founded to tackle genocide in the past 15 years—such as United to End […] More »

WTF Wednesday: Crying over spilled bitumen

Kate Hefford

Another day, another oil spill. Eighty-four thousand gallons of bitumen oil from Alberta leaked into a suburban Arkansas neighbourhood after an ExxonMobil pipeline ruptured this weekend. Twenty-two families have to stay off their property for at least a week. But it’s okay, because as an ExxonMobil media response said, they “apologize for any disruption and […] More »

Friday FTW: Why the Cree trek is more than heartwarming

Kate Hefford

If you want Google Maps directions from Whapmagoostui, Quebec to Parliament Hill, Ottawa, our trusted search engine doesn’t know what to do with itself. That wasn’t the case for six Cree First Nation youths, who arrived at the capital on Monday. They trekked the 1,600km distance with the help of a guide to show their […] More »

WTF Wednesday: Straights-Only Law School, Patent Pending

Kate Hefford

The Federation of Canadian Law Societies is reviewing a controversial proposal. Trinity Western University, a Christian liberal arts school in Langley, B.C., applied to add a law school to their institution in June 2012—one that imposes their Bible-based views. But now they’ve hit a snag. It’s a snag that is thousands strong. Law students and […] More »

Friday FTW: International Women’s Day

Kate Hefford

Yesterday was Pi day (3.14), April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day, and May 4th is Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you). But joke holidays were put on hold last week for International Women’s Day. Every spring since 1911, women worldwide have campaigned for solidarity. This definitely isn’t a redundant “holiday,” and […] More »

WTF Wednesday: 2013 Belongs to Target

Kate Hefford

Forget St Patrick’s Day and Easter, March 2013 is Target month. The American big box store opened its first three Canadian stores yesterday, with one each in Guelph, Milton, and Fergus, Ont. These are the first of 24 set to open this month. By the end of this year, up to 135 Targets will cover […] More »