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ThisAbility #33: Hard Time

aaron broverman

If, as a disabled person, you think you’re still getting the shaft out in the real world, then you better thank the Lord you didn’t land in prison. Though twenty-five-to-life can be utterly soul-destroying for anyone, no one has it worse than the disabled inmates around the world.  For them, even basic human rights are […] More »

ThisAbility # 32: Accommodation vs. Unfair Advantage (Part Two in a Two-Part Series)

aaron broverman

Last week, I talked about preparing two pitches for the 2010 editorial calendar of New Mobility Magazine and I addressed one of them here. It was the one about Kyle Maynard, the limbless mixed martial arts fighter, and whether it was appropriate for him to fight at all. I argued he could do more for […] More »

ThisAbility # 31: Why Inequality Can Be Good for the Cause (Part one in a two-part series)

aaron broverman

This week I was preparing pitches for New Mobility Magazine‘s 2010 editorial calendar and I noticed a trend, one that would put me and my best friend on the same side of the issue in one case, but split us to the point of  epic argument in the second. Both pitches prodded a question few […] More »

ThisAbility 30: The Saviour Sibling

aaron broverman

Every so often the media takes advantage of humanity’s fickle attention span, grabs hold and decides who or what we should all be paying attention to, whether that be Glenn Beck,  Spiedi, or Jon and  Kate Plus Hate…oops, I mean Eight. They’re those things everyone seems to be talking about, but you’re only vaguely familiar […] More »

ThisAbility 29: Lesson Learned on a Date with a Disabled Self-Hater

aaron broverman

Things didn’t start out badly; don’t get me wrong. I actually found her while resarching dating sites for ThisAbility 25: Love Connection.  I didn’t intend to join I’d never dated a disabled person before. I had yet to meet a person with a disability I was physically attracted to, and I always thought that […] More »

ThisAbility #28: Everybody was Cane-Fu Fighting

aaron broverman

Last week, I saw this disturbing surveillance footage. It really does speak for itself and is just one example of a recent  rise in violence and robbery preying on seniors and people with disabilities. No one is off limits. (They probably never were.) Vulnerability equals victory for criminals (and sometimes cops) who figure disabled and […] More »

ThisAbility 27: A Brave New Voice

aaron broverman

Waiting for you to stop staring, and see me. — Crutches,  Britney Wilson. Britney Wilson stopped waiting a long time ago. These days if anyone is still staring, it’s usually in rapt attention after she delivers a reading of Crutches. _ One part rallying cry and one part scathing indictment of able-bodied ignorance, the poem […] More »

ThisAbility #26: A Fighting Chance

aaron broverman

It finally happened. If I ever needed proof that there are people out there who think exactly like I do, I got it Saturday, April 25th. Not too long ago, while watching UFC 97 live from Montreal, I posted the following on my Twitter Page: “If there’s a paralympics, why can’t there be paraMMA? There […] More »