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September-October 2014

Third Annual Corporate Hall of Shame

This Magazine Staff

Cover illustration by Matt Daley

Cover illustration by Matt Daley

For the past three years, This Magazine has waded deep into the bad deeds of our country’s corporations. Each time, we scour hundreds of public records, court cases, company filings, and media reports to find our country’s most shameful corporate citizens. For 2013-2014, we found more than enough to enrage us. The now (unfortunately) familiar list of bad deeds included everything from shady ethics to eco disasters, and from oppressive labour practices to chilling human rights violations. There are also animal rights horror stories, bad aboriginal relations, and pukey corporate spin.

But, through all of it, this year we also found one thing to make us cheer: people are fighting back. They are protesting and marching, taking companies to court, and launching impressive awareness campaigns. They refuse to be silent. Ready to hold these companies to account? Go on and pick up This Magazine’s second annual Corporate Hall of Shame, on newsstands until the end of October!

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