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September-October 2014

Brave new world

Alex HulsWebsite@alxhuls

Toronto author J.M. Frey gives sci-fi a jolt of much-needed diversity It’s not every day you read a science-fiction novel that features a polyamorous relationship, with one of its partners being a blue-skinned, bat-wing-eared, short- snouted alien, and a plot that involves time travel, a murder mystery and a near-future look at sexuality, bigotry, immigration […]


Lauren Carter Website@lcarterwrites

Michael teaches English at the high school. His classroom is in one of the portables set up beside the outdoor basketball court, the garage where the guys in auto shop fix cars. During Grade 12 drama, I spent a lot of time in there with Mr. Chen who’d come from the city, who Lara thought […]

Drive me crazy

Lisa Whittington-Hill@nerdygirly

Inside media’s troubling gender-biased coverage of celebrity meltdowns Charlie Sheen took thinking outside the bun to a whole new level in July when he drunkenly wandered around a Taco Bell drive thru greeting fellow fast food visitors with “Sorry I am so fucking hammered.” Video of the incident soon made the rounds and the winning […]

Third Annual Corporate Hall of Shame

This Magazine Staff

For the past three years, This Magazine has waded deep into the bad deeds of our country’s corporations. Each time, we scour hundreds of public records, court cases, company filings, and media reports to find our country’s most shameful corporate citizens. For 2013-2014, we found more than enough to enrage us. The now (unfortunately) familiar […]