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Tuesday Tracks! Name Change Edition: "Get In Or Get Out" by Matters

luke champion


I realize I’m about two weeks late in mentioning this, but: Hey everyone, have you heard Matters?!

If you haven’t, you might have heard them under their old moniker The D’Urbervilles, or maybe as front man John O’Regan’s one-man band Diamond Rings. Or maybe it’s all new to you—in which case, lucky you.

Regardless, it’s good to hear new D’Urbs songs even if they don’t exist anymore. Even better is that Matters is sort of this wonderful hybrid animal created by a somewhat incestuous mix of that band and O’Regan’s solo project. A bit of the flash and glam has worked its way in. Their first single “Get In Or Get Out” is out now and it’s a keeper. It’s a pulsing song that sounds like movement–dancing, driving, running–anything really, it’s anything but stagnant.

For a while it looked like Diamond Rings’ success would mean the end of The D’Urbervilles, and in a way maybe it was, but if the rest of the new stuff is as good as this, it looks like Diamond Rings was just the warmup act.

It’s my own fault that I missed their show here in Toronto last week, but that doesn’t mean you have to. With a new single out and an album due this year, there’s no doubt there will be much touring coming up. Please: learn from my mistakes and go see them.

In the meantime, here’s “Get in or Get Out”:

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