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Tuesday Tracks! Name Change Edition: "Get In Or Get Out" by Matters

luke champion

I realize I’m about two weeks late in mentioning this, but: Hey everyone, have you heard Matters?! If you haven’t, you might have heard them under their old moniker The D’Urbervilles, or maybe as front man John O’Regan’s one-man band Diamond Rings. Or maybe it’s all new to you—in which case, lucky you. Regardless, it’s good […] More »

Tuesday Tracks! Diamond Rings, D-Sisive & Metric does Twilight: Eclipse (seriously)

luke champion

This week’s edition of Tuesday Tracks rounds up a trilogy of music videos. The theme was inspired by our first selection today. It occurred to me how much the landscape has changed over the past ten years for music videos. As an adolescent, videos were my primary source for new music. Commercial radio was the […] More »