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Toronto Women's Bookstore calls for submissions about TWB past and present

Graham F. Scott

toronto-womens-bookstoreTara-Michelle Ziniuk, Toronto author, performer, and activist, and sometime This Magazine contributor, yesterday emailed to announce that she’s editing an anthology of writing about the Toronto Women’s Bookstore, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year (depending on when you start counting). The TWB has had a difficult few years from a financial perspective, but the spirit of the place and the vibrancy of its history haven’t diminished. If the Toronto Women’s Bookstore has meant something to you over the years and you have an idea for something to write about, Tara-Michelle would surely like to hear from you.

Here’s the message that arrived by email yesterday afternoon:


I’m excited to announce an anthology project celebrating 40 Years of the Toronto Women’s Bookstore (give or take, depending on when you consider the beginning of TWB to be.) This anthology will be published Women’s Press Literary (under Three O’Clock Press, which includes Women’s Press’ non-academic titles and the Sumach imprint.)

During TWB’s recent financial trouble and ownership transition there was an incredible out pour of love and support, discussion of the community created by and around TWB and stories of the store’s past. In light of the recent stresses at TWB, its upcoming anniversary and the current state of feminist book publishers and sellers this is a pivotal time to talk about the importance of a place that’s very dear to many people, for many reasons.

I am looking for love letters, historical documentation, writings about TWB from authors, artists, academics, readers and activists who have been influenced by the store. I am looking to speak with former staff, Board members, class instructors, students, customers and appreciators of all kinds. I am looking to get in touch with people who were involved in the bookstore’s earlier years, so please forward this call for submissions or get in touch if you are able to make these connections. If you have or remember articles or interviews written about the store years ago and want to suggest them as reprints, please direct me to them. TWB has a rich history and I want to make sure to include as much of it as is accessible.

I am looking for non-fiction, personal narratives, articles and interviews on a variety of topics. I highly recommend querying in advance with ideas as so to have as much variety as possible.

Please send submissions as Word documents, double spaced, in 12 point font.

Submissions are due no later than: May 31, 2011

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your ideas.

Send submissions, questions and queries to: [email protected]

All the best and thank you for advance,
Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

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